Track Your Day to Financial Success

If you’re like most people you probably go about your day-to-day business never really thinking about the moment-to-moment activities that consume your day. I’d like to walk you through an exercise that will help you earn the highest possible revenue per hour.

Let’s assume that we each start with 365 days in a year. If we take away the following:

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Make Your Affirmations Stronger with Neural Linking


Make Your Affirmations Stronger with Neural LinkingNeural linking uses emotional association to deepen the impact of your affirmations. By linking your affirmations with feelings that already exist in your memory, you can create emotional anchors that will make your affirmations even more powerful.

Most likely, you have memories that are so powerful and vivid you can revisit them and feel the same way you felt when that memory was created. That’s what you need to do to create a neural link. For example, I go back to a moment and reexperience the feeling I had of being in complete control, on top of the world when I was playing an unforgettable basketball game—and then I think “I am a brilliant and savvy businessperson.”

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Train Your Brain: The Neuroscience of Financial Success

NeuroscienceMastering your brain will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. I am going to show you the inside mental game you need to have, not the business actions you need to take in this blog series. You already know things you should be doing to make more money, but you’re not doing them. It’s not a matter of your desires, it’s a matter of your conditioned mind and the power it has over you. You need to program your brain for success—a process called brain entrainment.

If you want to know what is currently programmed about money at the non-conscious level of your brain right now, just look at your current income and financial situation.

If aren’t happy with your current financial status, think about this magical formula:

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Brain Entrainment: What Are You Asking Your Brain For?

Brain Entrainment

If you want to program your brain for business success, you need to understand the brain’s reticular activation system. It’s part of the brain entrainment process. Think of how Google’s search engines search the Internet for whatever you ask it to. You enter a subject, a name, a topic and wham in seconds you have hundreds if not thousands of options to choose from on the topic you entered.

Well, that’s pretty impressive right? I don’t think so.

Your reticular activation system is a network-like group of non-conscious brain cells that that can pick up the information you want and need at speeds that are 800 times faster that what you can consciously see or hear. These non-conscious impulses travel at over 100,000 mph. That is mind-boggling!

You have more than 100 billion brain cells and these in particular, can be trained to do work for you like a slave, 24/7 without you even knowing about it. Once they know what you deem important, your non-conscious will send you a message to look left or to pick up on a conversation someone 20 feet away is having about the thing that’s important to you. We’re not talking science fiction here; it’s the latest and greatest brain research.

When you learn how to “upload” your “most important goals and desires” into this part of your brain, you will be amazed at what the brain does for you and how fast. You will wonder why you didn’t learn about it long ago.

The Neural Reconditioning Process I created works on the very areas of the brain that require true understanding and immediate retraining. People who are “programmed” or “conditioned” with great information as they grow up are what we call “unconsciously competent”. They do not know why they do what they do or why they get their results. They just do it.

I had to start at the beginning:

“consciously incompetent” (didn’t know what I didn’t know) to

“consciously competent” (trying hard) to

unconsciously being competent at making money. (it’s now part of my nature)

If you want to achieve business mastery and success, it begins with brain entrainment and the neural reconditioning process. To learn more about this process, go to

Visualize the Life You Want

VisualizeSuccess at attaining any goal can be measured by how effectively you are able to move an idea from your conscious (imagination) to your subconscious (belief/action). That is why visualization is so important. When you visualize something in your conscious mind, your subconscious doesn’t know that it is only in your imagination. It watches the movie taking place in your thoughts and accepts that they are actually happening in that moment.

The subconscious mind is a captive audience for the movies we play in our head.

A good story evokes powerful mental images. Combining a good story with powerful mental images and a strong emotional response is the essence of visualization. It has the power to reshape our perception of reality, and once that happens, reality conforms to that new perception.

Once you practice visualization in your life, you will see its power firsthand:

Write down your goals. Visualization starts with an idea and a crystal clear picture of what you want. Be specific.


Create a vision board. At its core, a vision board is a set of visual images that represent the story you are telling yourself about who are and what your life is like. It’s a way of getting clear on the life you want to create for yourself. To help you create a vision board, see my book, The Complete Vision Board Kit. It comes with a DVD, sample vision board and tools to help you create your vision board.

Act as if. State your goals in the present tense like you have already achieved them. One of the most important elements of creation is the ability to see yourself already in possession of the materialistic or physical state you are creating, prior to actual evidence of such.

Take action. Don’t just visualize. For a plant to grow, it’s not enough to simply plant it and wait. You have your work to do too.


Practice repetition. Look at the images on your vision board every day. Repetitiveness of vision combined with your associated emotions will develop your power to visualize and achieve your goals.

Affirmation Best Practices

AffirmationsAffirmations—clear, definitive statements declaring something is so—solidify your ideas of where you want to go or how you want to change. Without exception, positive affirmation is the key to all advancement and achievement. The most powerful and successful affirmations are the ones we design around our goals in the areas of our life that are most important to us.

The key to effective affirmations is that they must be bold, clear, positive and stated in the present tense. Get absolute clarity on what you want to create.

Here are some other affirmation best practices:

Own your affirmations—the feelings and associations you have with these words. Get into the feelings and emotions of your affirmations by experiencing your statements as if they are already true. Our outside world is a reflection of our internal programming. Always.

Repetition is the mother of learning. When you first begin your affirmations, your old beliefs will fire up. This is normal. Just return to your affirmation and you will change the hard-wiring in your brain.


Don’t quit. Act like it’s true. Feel like it’s true. Stay positive and confident that everything you are doing will produce results because the repetition of the affirmation is teaching your brain how to think.

Use negative self-talk to identify barriers to your success.

Once you get the hang of it, you can actually use your negative self-talk to catch any negative, non-supportive beliefs that are blocking you from achieving success in your goals.

What you put out is what you get back. When you become more, you will have more. you give your attention, energy and focus, is what you will attract into your life.

Making Your Affirmations More Powerful

Making Your Affirmations More Powerful

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind. —William James

When you create affirmations, you need to focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want. People often articulate their goals in negative terms. For example, “I want to be in a fulfilling, lifelong relationship” and “I don’t want to end up sad and alone” might seem like two ways of saying the same thing. They’re not. To your subconscious brain, they are saying the opposite. Your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between “I want” and “I don’t want.” It just hears “lifelong, fulfilling relationship” or “sad and alone.”
If you want to master your affirmation to create the wealth and prosperity you desire, I will show you how. While positive affirmations come in many forms, the structure remains the same. Whatever form you choose, be as clear, specific and succinct as possible:

I am: A statement of who you are.

These are positive affirmations of a real state of being that exists in you. You can achieve a full list of ‘I am’ statements by taking a personal positive inventory of your attributes, strengths, talents and competencies.

  • I am perfectly healthy in mind, body and spirit.
  • I am a genius and I use my wisdom daily.
  • I am passionate about everything I do.

I can: A statement of your potential.

This is a positive expression of your ability to accomplish goals. It is a statement in your belief in your power to grow, change and help yourself. I can statements could be designed after you have a set of goals.

  • I can love my partner unconditionally.
  • I can stop smoking easily.
  • I can grow my business and be financially free.

I will: A statement of positive change in your life.

Positive affirmations of what you want to happen. It is a success prophecy. I will statements are developed after you have set your priorities and goals. Many times the word “will” can be removed to bring the statement to the present.

  • I will love and nurture myself better each day.
  • I will gain more confidence each day.
  • I will do my visualizations daily.

You can intensify your affirmations with a single word—easily.

I am earning $1,000,000 a month versus I am easily earning $1,000,000 a month.

Notice how the wordeasily adds a sense of calmness and intensifies the positive emotional impact of the affirmation?

Here are some other ways to make your affirmations stronger:

1) Make sure your affirmations are bold, clear, and positive.

2) Practice saying your affirmations for 30 minutes a day. Say them in your head and out loud, even if it’s awkward for you.Your new vision takes courage and you can’t wait for your affirmations to feel genuine, they won’t feel genuine until you start believing them.

3) When you start doubting your affirmations, realize your non-conscious brain is sending you a signal based on your conditioning—not on what you are capable of achieving.

4) Keep recommitting to the process. Every time you set a goal higher, commit to re-articulating that goal and imprinting it onto your non-conscious brain.

5) Along with your affirmation, take action.

6) An affirmation alone will not cause results to happen in your life, unless you have the right plan to back up that affirmation and are taking daily action in accordance with the plan.

Remember that affirmations take some time, but once you begin the process, you will be surprised by just how quickly it happens. At first, it feels like a lot of effort without much result, but soon the momentum of the process begins to take over. Within you is a genius yearning to express itself. All you need is to learn how to use your conscious faculties to tap into the phenomenal power of that non-conscious brain of yours.

After all, (read this out loud): I can achieve whatever I set my mind to.

How To Make Affirmations Work For You

How to Make Affirmations Work for You

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit. —Aristotle

Just imagine: If you could have it all, what would do and be in your life? What feats would you dare to accomplish and where would you go? Just imagine your life, lived without limits.In order to reach an intended destination, you have to know your intended destination. Affirmations—clear, definitive statements declaring something is so—solidify your ideas of where you want to go or how you want to change. Without exception, positive affirmation is the key to all advancement and achievement. The most powerful and successful affirmations are the ones we design around our goals in the areas of our life that are most important to us: money, health, spiritual connection, a job you love, and great relationships with your family and friends. If you don’t take the time to decide what you want for yourself, circumstance or someone else will choose for you. This is not how life is supposed to be.

Growing up, I developed the belief that I was not very good at achieving worthwhile things in life. I ran around with a crowd of kids who were up to no good, and seemed destined for a life of failure. When I first began creating goals and visions for myself in business, it was critical that I create new beliefs around my abilities as a businessperson—otherwise my existing beliefs would end up sabotaging every new goal I set for myself.

I wrote a statement for myself that was in such stark contrast to what I had grown up believing, it still resonates with huge impact to this day:

I am a brilliant and savvy businessman.

Mind you, when I wrote this, I didn’t believe it. Not one bit. And there was a very good reason: It wasn’t true. Not yet. But I decided I would like it to be true. That is who I wanted to become. And the only way that would happen would be if I designed that new belief and entrained it into my brain.

Over the years, I have added to the list and redesigned the statements I tell myself…Here are a few:

  • I give myself permission to be powerful.
  • I have absolute certainty in my ability to generate any amount of income I choose.
  • Money is flowing to me from both expected and unexpected sources.

Affirmations are self-fulfilling prophecies. Think of affirmations as the core principles of the life you are visualizing. Affirmations are your To Be List—powerful reminders throughout the day that keep you on track toward your goals and dreams. You deserve to decide for yourself exactly what and who you’ll become and what you’ll acquire along the way.

Through a process we call neural reconditioning, you can take those goals and dreams and turn them into neural patterns in your subconscious brain. Let’s take the analogy of running a marathon. Whether or not you’ve ever actually run a marathon before, you probably have a pretty good idea of what it takes to get in shape for something like this. It’s not just something you can decide one day and do the next. It takes time and consistency. It takes an applied methodical effort. You need to workout daily, breaking in your system bit by bit, toning and strengthening your muscles, training your lungs and heart, until gradually your entire system had become acclimated to the new demands you are asking of it. You see, your entire nervous system is set up to help you establish habits. After it understands that you want to perform an activity over and over again, it makes those corresponding neural pathways very efficient so that it becomes easier for you.

This is exactly what you are going to do with your brain. Positive affirmations form new facts and data for the subconscious brain to hardwire. It takes daily, consistent effort.

Here’s how you can begin to recondition your brain:

Create a new, powerful, physical and mental vision. Make your goals emotionally rich and crystal clear.

Create powerful declarations and affirmations in each category—health, wealth, relationships, business and spirituality—that support your new vision.

Use a portfolio of imprinting material, which may include written, auditory, visual and subliminal pieces. Through repetition—affirmations on audio, visualization and meditation—you will begin to replace your old beliefs and habits with new ones.

Maintain a daily routine of reconditioning techniques: For five to seven minutes, three times a day, use photos, vision boards, mental movies, self-guided imagery, real-life movies, and recorded and laminated affirmations.

Practice meditation daily. Meditation can increase your focus and concentration, increase your power of concentration and attune the brain to receive the answers, tools and resources needed to fulfill that vision.

We need a vision for our lives, or else nothing we do means anything. No matter what your current circumstances, if you can imagine something better for yourself, you can create it.

Entrepreneur or Victim?

“Shallow men believe in luck, believe in circumstances….Strong men believe in cause and effect.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

EntrepreneurEvery thought you form broadcasts a distinct and particular frequency, and that frequency elicits a response from the quantum universe as surely as a swinging hammer has an impact on the surface it strikes. Things don’t arbitrarily happen to you. Events in your business are the reflection of your thoughts, the echo of your own actions and the thinking behind them. In the East, this truth is reflected in the idea of Karma, and in the West, the Golden Rule. The core of this principle is this—You are at cause in your life and your business.

For many people, this is a challenging principle because it puts you squarely in the driver’s seat. Embracing this principle means you no longer have the luxury of blaming other people or external circumstances for the things that happen in your life.

Here is the flip side of that equation: Embracing this principle also means you have far more capacity to create the events and circumstances in your life than you have ever imagined possible.

When we don’t recognize this principle operating in our lives, it’s easy to start seeing ourselves as being the effect of those events. Rather than seeing that we are making things happen, we start to believe that things are simply happening to us. This easily leads to what is often called victim mentality.

If you are someone who is growing a massively successful business, there is no place for victim mentality in your life. The two states of mind—victim thinking and entrepreneurship—are 100 percent incompatible.

The word entrepreneur derives from the French word that refers to the source of the event, the one who initiates. Building and growing a successful business requires a commitment to being at cause, not at effect.

There are many things you need to know to successfully play the game of business. A great many of them you can learn as you go, and a great many skills and fields of expertise you can bring into your business by hiring or partnering with people who possess them.

But there is one skill you must have yourself, and it is a single most important skill of any successful businessperson, the one without which success is impossible: You must be practiced at creating the thoughts that will serve your business.

Creating a clear business vision is the critical first step to your success, but it’s just that: the first step. No matter how crystal clear it is, simply having a goal doesn’t make it happen. If you want to create financial freedom for yourself, five key elements have to be in place.

The Five Musts are:

  1. You must find something that stirs your soul.
  2. You must become excellent at it.
  3. You must recondition your mind to believe you can have it and achieve it.
  4. You must understand how to make money at it.
  5. You must take daily action.

Find more ways to live the life of your dreams as an entrepreneur at

The Answer for you: The right thoughts, held clearly and resolutely, can build your dream business.

Give Life to Your Dream Business

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” —James Allen

LightTo create your successful business, you need to start with the part nobody else sees, the hidden part of your iceberg—your vision. The seed of your business is the vision. People tend to be focused on the how, thinking that is where the answer lies, but it’s not. Yes, eventually you need to learn all sorts of “hows” crucial to the success of your business. But the real key to building your dream business lies in the clarity and strength of the idea—the seed.

That is why “more capital” is rarely the answer to business start-up challenges. People often believe that lack of funding is one of a new business’s major problems. It’s not. In the same way that air, water and sunlight are not hard to find, financing is not all that hard to find—if you have a compelling and clearly viable idea and strategic plan for growth.

The world around you is absolutely flooded with money, ready to flow toward you and nourish your sprouting business. Just when we think resources are dwindling, we find new resources that can achieve the same things.

Develop your vision.

The way the right note, sung clearly and loudly enough, can cause a tuning fork to vibrate and even shatter glass, is the same way the right thought, held clearly and strongly enough, can cause events in the physical world to happen. A single thought, held clearly and firmly can defeat an empire, as Gandhi demonstrated. And the right thoughts—held clearly and resolutely can build your dream business.


Create the seed of your business with great precision and clarity. This is the groundwork for every successful business that has ever been and ever will be. A vaguely formed, ambiguous seed will never sprout or take route. For a seed to flourish, it must be viable.

o   Write down the vision of your idea with specifics.

o   Make sure your vision is clear and strong.

o Figuring out the “how” comes after the vision and the decision. The How will always come after the What, when your Why is big enough.


Be patient.

Nature takes time to work, and so will the seed of your business. It’s called the Law of Gestation. A carrot seed takes about 70 days from the time you plant it until the time you have a fully grown carrot, ready for the eating. A lamb has a gestation period of 145 days. Human beings? About 280 days.

How long will it take the world to wrap you in the right set of circumstances for your business? I don’t know. But it will take some time. And I know this: If you keep digging up those seeds after you’ve planted them, you’ll stop the process cold. Gardens don’t work that way and neither does the picture of your dream business. You have to allow an idea the time to germinate and grow, to take root and find its resources in its own time. Let go of impatience.


Start putting your trust in your own resourcefulness and in the universe around you. The universe is ready to give you everything you want, once you are clear on what it is and patient enough to let it do its work.


Nothing is limited—not resources or anything else. You can only limit yourself in your mind.

The Answer for you: Your need the clarity and focus of a magnifying glass to create your dream business.