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Life_Blueprint_Booklet2In my recent video on Facebook, I took you on a tour of my home, and shared with you the actual document I apply every day to help me achieve my own life goals. In that video, I said to come here to to get your copy of this Blueprint, complete with your own section to fill out. Plus, I offered you a second free gift, a complimentary ticket to this Saturday’s 4th annual Brain-A-Thon, where I, and six other world-renowned experts show you how to [Read more…]

How [The STAR Factor] Will Help You Grow Your Business

In this video, John Assaraf talks with Dr.William Seidman from Stanford on how and why some people are able to consistently outshine their peers in a business setting. He also talks about how you can specifically unlock the wisdom of these “Star Performers” and transfer what these individuals have learned to your own business or life.