Meditate to Achieve Your Goals

MeditatingYour mind is like a mental muscle, and you want to start out working this muscle just as you would a bicep. By strengthening your ability to quiet your mind, you will increase your power of intent and focus. As you do so, elements of your personal and business success will start to take shape in your mind.

  • Sit quietly and comfortably, in a chair or on the floor, hold your hands any way you like.
  • Sit in a way that is relaxing for you.
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breath going in and out.
  • Take a slow deep breath in through your nose, and let it out through your mouth.
  • Let your breath move freely in and out through your nose, focusing your attention on the base of your nostrils. Do this for six or seven minutes.
  • You will find that your mind wanders off and becomes engaged in this thought or that thought. Don’t criticize yourself when this happens, just gently bring your attention back to a focus on the passage of your breath, slowly in and out.
  • Continue sitting in that relaxed posture and watch your breath. You may have to repeatedly bring your mind back to focus on your breath, but that’s okay. Don’t let yourself think you are failing at this. You’re not.

It doesn’t matter how well you focus on your breath, what matters is that you do the exercise. Focus will become easier with time. Practice every day.

After about two weeks, extend your meditation time to 15 minutes. After another two weeks, try 30 minutes. Keep the consistency of practicing this regularly, every day. If you miss a day, treat it the same way you treat wandering focus—don’t chalk it up as failure. Resume your practice the following day.

Through meditation, you develop the ability to stay locked onto your goals like a laser—and when you do, you open the possibility for the quantum field to respond, resonate and supply all those elements you need for the fulfillment of those goals. If you practice meditation regularly, you will be amazed by how you can condition your brain and  achieve your goals faster.



  1. 1. How do you tell if you are in meditation?
    2. Focus on breathing brings you to meditation? How does that work?

  2. okwu bethel says:

    very encouraging

  3. okwu bethel says:

    ok too good

  4. Very good!
    If you are struggling to quiet your mind, it is probably because you are wrestling with your unwanted thoughts. When you struggle or fight the unwanted thoughts, it doesn’t help, as it just gives them more importance.

    Instead, think of your unwanted thoughts as unimportant. Don’t wrestle with them. Think of them as a shoal of fish, with your mind being a stream of clear running water. Let the thoughts swim through, without resistance. It doesn’t matter that they are there, they are unimportant.

  5. PaulKellogg says:

    What we learn from meditation is that it opens a small and critical step leading to a deeper understanding and communication with the creator.

  6. Al Horne MBA Ph.D. says:

    I agree that meditation is a gateway to freedom and love.

    One should be careful about attaching meditation to goal achievement or any other kind of “state” or “end result”, even relaxation and happiness.

    “Achieving your goals” using meditat…ion, defeats the purpose of true meditation and only reinforces thinking and the ego self.

    I would recommend guided visualization if you are focusing on goal achievement.

  7. great article john, thanks for sharing…

  8. I actually new this but reading this time have decided to do this…………

  9. Jjackson_jasmine says:

    Since I am new to meditation, this is very helpful. Thanks John.

  10. Your are in a meditive state when your heart is beating at a coherent rythm. And when your whole body just feels relaxed. You don’t need to make ‘om’ sounds, just be in the present moment and try to focus on your breathing.

  11. naveen Gautam says:

    This IS so Intresting thank’s

  12. Sheila Mansfield says:

    Hey John,

    Thanks for this. I’ve always wanted to try meditation, but my mind is insain with all the things that I need to get done everyday and never knew how to get started. My brain goes so fast sometimes, it’s crazy. Great advice!

    Thank You,
    Sheila Mansfield

  13. Really great post! I’ve tried meditating off an on but haven’t been successful. I’ve also tried some other techniques lake tapping that help me focus on my goals and stay as positive as I can. I’m going to try this technique to see if I can add meditation to my daily routine.

    Thanks again,

    Janiece Thompson

  14. Jimmy GBA says:

    Thank you so much John, I’m gonna start it right now……

  15. Hi John,

    Meditation helps you to realize your connection to everything.

    I sit for 5 to 10 minutes each hour. I literally drop everything whenever I’m not chatting with someone and sit, quieting my mind. As you note, you lock on to your vision as the mind quiets.

    I’ve manifested an upcoming move to Bali using meditation, visualization and a few tools to help me release limiting beliefs.

    Playing the quantum field in a light, playful kind of way is so much easier than working hard, don’t you think?

    Thanks for sharing John.


  16. Hi,

    Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with the world.:)

    I have a question:

    Is there anyway i can ask my Subconscious Mind what i really want to do in life?

    I tried to ask my self many times, but i never got a clear answer that which career path should i choose.

    I read many books, searched online but couldn’t get the answer, can you pleaseeeeeeee help me.

    Thanks in advance.

  17. Sachinkumarpatil says:

    Hi this sachinkumar patil from india,
    great thoughts of meditation.Its power of men & women.

  18. anita jasinski says:

    i am very interested in pursuing my goals, with the intention
    of getting my back pain under control without having a double spinal fusion.I am lierally exhaused, from not sleeping, being put on strong nerve and pain pills, I was just want to get back to my life, thar’s all! Simple right?
    when your in pain, t’s not that easy… PLease help me out!

  19. Lillemor Ågren says:

    Thanks, good instruktions.

  20. Great site…and nice tips….

  21. Hi,

    I attended the London program today. Thanks a lot. I wanted to purchase only the re-training the brain CDs and not the full pack. Are those offered at the event same as Daily Neural Reconditioning Audios available on website? Thanks


  22. Jose F Saenz says:

    It is the best way to relax and get away stress, finding calmness and tranquility.
    Tnxs John…

  23. WhiteWizard says:

     im black, this didn’t work for me

  24. Sumitahuja says:

    thanx john i felt great.

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  27. SpamSpam says:

    I don’t understand this post. Can you help clarify? How focusing on your breadth, and emptying your mind can help focus on your goals? should you be focusing on your goals during meditation or on nothing/your breath? I am confused… never understood meditation…

  28. I was saw a meditation technique that it must be your breath in and out through your nostril. pls suggest me..

  29. Can I use the power of meditation to increase the size on my penis?

  30. Im practicing meditation for some time but still having a hard time quieting my mind, i use John A. meditation winning the game of money

  31. Hi John.
    This really works for me , I have experienced all of you mentioned for 4 days after finishing the book , Power of Subconscious Mind ,written by Joseph Murphy.I can feel the unlimited power in my body. I am really relaxed and happy during a day.


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