The Olympics and Your Success in Life

I love the Olympics for many reasons. The sheer fun, joy and spirit we get to participate in while watching the athletes, their stories, their families, and the highs and lows makes for a great way to invest time in observing others pursue their goals and dreams. Partly for their country, mostly for themselves.

I can’t help but ask myself what these athletes did to prepare for the Olympics. What physical workouts, diets, practice and dreaming did they do? What doubts, fears anxieties, lack of confidence, certainties and feelings did they experience on their journey to Vancouver and, mostly, what did they do to overcome these feelings that each one of us has at one time or another in pursuit of our goals and dreams?

The Olympics I believe, gives us a chance to live vicariously through the participants be it athlete or coach, spectator or employee. In asking myself these questions and watching the games, I realized that I want to be on the field playing my heart out regardless of whether I win or lose. What about you? Do you want to be playing or watching? Cheering or checking? Feeling the exhilaration of the game on the track or from the stands?

Either way, life is a game that you can either play or watch, hope or do, enjoy or not. It’s your choice. Either way, the game is very short when you are playing full out or very long when all you do is find what’s wrong with it.

As I observed the games, I felt a sense of pride and joy and a sense of sadness. In every sporting event someone won the gold, silver or bronze. Many of the athletes didn’t win a medal. Were they losers? I prefer to think of all of them as winners, just in varying degrees based on their own set of circumstances.

If they showed up, did their best and felt and knew that they did…isn’t that a win? I say yes!

Life is not about winning medals. Life is about showing up ready to play full out and doing the best YOU can do. Competition, helps each of us see what is possible by pushing or pulling us to meet our potential and our goals.

Every one of the athletes came to the Olympic games with a goal. A goal that they committed to, trained for physically and mentally and then went after with all their will.

What are your goals? Have you committed to them and are you playing full out? Like the Olympic games, your flame will burn out. My hope and wish for you is that you have no more game left in you because you left it all on the field, doing and knowing you did your very best!

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