Train Your Brain with Meditation

Meditation is what gives you control of your brain waves. Meditation trains your brain so you are able to focus on and broadcast the message of your goals and visions. Meditation makes you better attuned to receive the answers, tools and resources you need to fulfill that vision. It accomplishes this by developing your capacity to modulate and regulate the different frequencies of brain waves emitting.

The four common levels of brain waves can be compared to the four gears of an automobile, with beta being first, alpha second, theta third, and delta fourth. Most of us function in the beta range all day long. Can you imagine driving that sports car in first gear for hours at a time, with your pedal to the metal? Of course not. Yet that is essentially what most of us are doing to ourselves. We’re burning out our systems. No wonder so many of us are falling prey to stress-related illness. And no wonder the practice of meditation has such a significant beneficial impact on those same illnesses.

It isn’t that beta is bad, there’s a lot of power in first gear. That’s the gear you use when you first start out; it has the power to move the car from standing to motion. And first gear is great for treacherous conditions like slick ice. But driving around that way all day? You’ll fry your gears.

Once you’ve gotten the car rolling, you’ve got the initial information figured out, you want to drop back into second gear. As you start to so this, a fascinating thing happens. When you shift your car into second gear, the wheels start turning faster, and your car travels faster, yet your engine slows down.

How is that possible? It’s in a different gear. Less effort from the engine. Less fuel, less wear and tear. Less stress. Less heart disease, less stroke, less irritability, less frustration and anger, less depression and anxiety—and you’re getting more accomplished.

That’s also a description of your life when you regularly recondition your brain with meditation. With meditation you can acquire an awareness of who and what you really are. We can tune in to finer signals and pick up information crucial to helping us achieve our goals when we meditate and escape from our frenetic pace.



  1. I liked the article. Nicely illustrated. Can you tell more about the four brain waves in detail like what is the nature of each frequency,their functions and how we can use them to make our life better..
    Thank You.

  2. I red that according to Maharishi’s Vedic science, by MT technique, the mind experience finer and more comprehensive levels of thought as he transcends to the field of pure intelligence, the source of thought.
    John, how about the christian meditation which is a different thing, does this help?
    Congratulations for a nice community that you`ve developed on Facebook through hard work and ingenuity! 🙂

  3. According the Maharishi’s Vedic science, MT technique, the mind to experience finer and more comprehensive levels of thought as he transcends the power of thought, the field of pure intelligence.
    How about the christian meditation, which is different ? Does it help ?
    Congratulations for a nice community that you `ve developed on Facebook by: work, intelligence and ingenuity!

  4. hello!This was a really excellent Topics!
    I come from itlay, I was fortunate to come cross your Topics in digg
    Also I learn much in your topic really thanks very much i will come later

  5. Ashok Tiwari says:

    Hi I would like to know that how do you meditate and at the same moment how do you train your mind? Thank You John

  6. what should I do exactly when meditation? should I write a journal so focus what to think? to achive? I´m very new in this theme and I would like to do it right since the beginning…

  7. breath in breath out uuuuuuuuummmmmmm!!!!!!!!! practice thanks John

  8. lothariorowe says:

    how do you personally meditate? can you give a detailed breakdown of your process?

  9. Nice example of gear of automobile
    I knew about these waves …….read about it in the process of how we sleep
    But you explained in a new way and It is very much helpful to understand it better

  10. When I was 20 I learned to meditate, but did not know what it was or how to use it. The only thing I learned was to relax my body completely and empty my mind, but noticed that I would practically stop breathing. After a couple of tries I “went out cold” , waking up the next day very well rested. I did this for years, but never considered this more than a relaxing exercise. I’m now trying to re-learn, but and not quite sure how to use this. Please give me some guidelines or tell me where to find it.

  11. I also would like to know more about the 4 brain waves and their functions. Can you reply to this or let us know where we can do some follow up research?
    Thanks much!

  12. you cab actually do yoga, 🙂 but actually for me, always thinking in a positive way may help you meditate. a plus factor would be living in a healthy lifestyle.

  13. Great post, i like it! Thank you John:)

  14. Sagar, go to Kelly Howell’s Brain sync site.
    She has great information about the brain wave states.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic analogy John! It will help as I explain to people what the significant change is that they are seeing in me.

  16. Great post John. I do a guided meditation regularly. They are usually 60 minute MP3 audio programs. Great for those of us with “monkey minds”.

  17. Tess AndalisTessa091357 says:

    Great John for the wonderful post.

  18. I know when I am running in BETA all day, nothing much to show for the day except maybe creating a few more problems. Always good information and advice thanks for keeping us on track.

  19. AnnKristin Eriksson says:


  20. Great information i would like to learn more about meditattion thank you.

  21. Hcopeland55 says:

    I love the analogies. It really helped me make a connection on how I undertake a project.

  22. John Curran says:

    You did a great job of explaining the benefits and meditation and the impact brain waves have on our daily lives.

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  24. Love the race car analogy … And absolutely true, in my opinion.

  25. john explain meditation in a most easiest way hats off to you john

  26. My english isnt so good, but I try to learn it every day, this article is so good , it will help me to improve my style life, thanks for your advices , GOD bless you and your fAMILY, BYE.


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