Entrepreneur or Victim?

“Shallow men believe in luck, believe in circumstances….Strong men believe in cause and effect.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

EntrepreneurEvery thought you form broadcasts a distinct and particular frequency, and that frequency elicits a response from the quantum universe as surely as a swinging hammer has an impact on the surface it strikes. Things don’t arbitrarily happen to you. Events in your business are the reflection of your thoughts, the echo of your own actions and the thinking behind them. In the East, this truth is reflected in the idea of Karma, and in the West, the Golden Rule. The core of this principle is this—You are at cause in your life and your business.

For many people, this is a challenging principle because it puts you squarely in the driver’s seat. Embracing this principle means you no longer have the luxury of blaming other people or external circumstances for the things that happen in your life.

Here is the flip side of that equation: Embracing this principle also means you have far more capacity to create the events and circumstances in your life than you have ever imagined possible.

When we don’t recognize this principle operating in our lives, it’s easy to start seeing ourselves as being the effect of those events. Rather than seeing that we are making things happen, we start to believe that things are simply happening to us. This easily leads to what is often called victim mentality.

If you are someone who is growing a massively successful business, there is no place for victim mentality in your life. The two states of mind—victim thinking and entrepreneurship—are 100 percent incompatible.

The word entrepreneur derives from the French word that refers to the source of the event, the one who initiates. Building and growing a successful business requires a commitment to being at cause, not at effect.

There are many things you need to know to successfully play the game of business. A great many of them you can learn as you go, and a great many skills and fields of expertise you can bring into your business by hiring or partnering with people who possess them.

But there is one skill you must have yourself, and it is a single most important skill of any successful businessperson, the one without which success is impossible: You must be practiced at creating the thoughts that will serve your business.

Creating a clear business vision is the critical first step to your success, but it’s just that: the first step. No matter how crystal clear it is, simply having a goal doesn’t make it happen. If you want to create financial freedom for yourself, five key elements have to be in place.

The Five Musts are:

  1. You must find something that stirs your soul.
  2. You must become excellent at it.
  3. You must recondition your mind to believe you can have it and achieve it.
  4. You must understand how to make money at it.
  5. You must take daily action.

Find more ways to live the life of your dreams as an entrepreneur at

The Answer for you: The right thoughts, held clearly and resolutely, can build your dream business.



  1. Good news and great advice!
    Thank you!

  2. Sound advice from a expert! “Entrepreneur or Victim”?

  3. Thanks John… I really like the 5 musts. I am going to print these out to carry with me as a reminder.

  4. I have John’s book at my desk and it has been so great for me! The real estate industry is tough . . . and what has kept me going is my passion for helping people avoid what I went through. It’s confusing, it’s embarrasing, it’s frustrating! But we can turn that around and create solutions that allow for freedom.

  5. Thanks John I really needed this today 🙂

  6. Thanks John the 5 MUSTS are going up on the wall in front of my desk

  7. Thanks John,

    You have made a great point that we must PRACTICE creating thoughts that serve our business. It isn’t a one time event. Thank you for shining light on the importance of this skill!

  8. maru valle says:

    Yes you are right!!!! the way you think is the things that you are going to atract to your life.
    Thank you for remember us the principal thing that we have to change!!!
    Bless you

  9. THE 5 MUSTS are great ,no 4 is the challenge i can and do make a living at my home building but making MONEY at it is proving the issue its a see/saw effect up/down balance is hard work thanks John garry from ozz

  10. It’s never too soon, nor too late to follow your passion! Love this: “The core of this principle is this—You are at cause in your life and your business.” Thanks for reinforcing the importance of focus and clarity. Yours in liberation, Shann

  11. Great John!

    I will follow your advices!


  12. John,

    Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom. LOVE this post and it’s so true.

    Write on!~

    Lisa Manyon

  13. It’s all a matter of taking responsibility for all your actions, isn’t it? It’s the only way to live because strangely enough, by taking responsibility we free ourselves.

  14. What a great post and exactly the inspiration l needed to hear this morning. Thank you !

  15. Dean Hopkins says:

    Yes indeed, it is perhaps the hardest truth to learn at times…because when things are good it is easy to go with this but it is when times are challenging and difficult that you really learn the true meaning of “You are at cause in your life and your business”. Taking positive action I have found that this at least gives the universe something to work with….Great stuff John, enjoy your work!!

  16. thanks John, love the 5 musts.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Exactly what I was looking forward to reminding myself today. Thanks John. I much rather be an entrepreneur 🙂 and not a victim thinker. Much rather be the case then effect.

  18. Thanks John I will try to remind each day

  19. marc pelletz says:

    excellent 5
    the rights thoughts held clearly andresolutely ‘WILL’build MY Dream business

  20. Step One: become familiar with the 5 steps! Thank you Jeanne

  21. Hughdevine Realtor says:

    I found this very helpful

  22. It’s believing in oneself to make the five work.

  23. Well, John….you need a new kitchen and I’m your designer! Lynn

  24. Fabulous.. finally i’m integrating and becoming the entrepreneur i am as well as the teacher and leader I’ve been. Your ideas and programme are helping me combine these and working on an interactive movie. Thanks. Janice – the lady with nice in her name Attitude Specialist

  25. Socialmediabrisbanemeetup says:

    John this is so excellent and I am sharing it on Facebook.

  26. These are five powerful principles

  27. Irina Ponizova says:

    Dear John !

    Thanks to share Five Musts ! Looking forward to send You notice about my Achievement!
    I’m daily action and remember ” for a seed to flourish, it must be viable ” ! (from ” Give a life
    2 your dream business”) ,

    Have a Great Sunday

  28. Jamal Hamouqa says:

    Great The Wise John 🙂

  29. Thank you John. Wise words indeed. I will continue to be in alignment with my thoughts of practiced creation, that will serve my business. Thank you for being another great mentor in my life.

  30. Tim Seitz says:

    Hey John, Tim Seitz here, I really think more people need to hear this message, because you are so on the money!

    My main business has been Merchant Services, and everyone in the industry is screaming that the end is near, the sky is falling.

    Instead of complaining, I went out and got more skills, put more tools in my belt and got certified as a hypnotherapist. Even before I completed the certification, one of my best merchant services clients, The Green Spa and Wellness Center, asked me to be their resident hypnotherapist, prices starting at $250/hour.

    By the time I had gotten home word of my success as a BNI Director (I joined BNI to increase my referrals, then became a Director to meet more people) had got me a call from a fellow director, she asked me to join her company as the VP of Communications (salary is private, per NDA).

    Literally over 25 people have approached ME to do their merchant services while all of this was going on, and yesterday when I talked to a competitor in the business who I know he said, “I gotta find another line of work, there are no good accounts out there”.

    It’s true, I thought, if you keep thinking that way.

    In BNI we have a pin that says “I refuse to participate in a recession”, I don’t wear it, because I don’t even want to put the word recession in people’s minds!

    What I do instead, is when I see a person I will smile, instinctually, they will smile, and I will say, “You have such a nice smile! What are you thinking about right now?”

    Our conversations go much better then the traditioinal, “How are you?”

    Have a blessed day,

    Tim Seitz
    Brooklyn, NY

  31. Rafiq fatima says:

    Thanks John, as always you continue to touch, move and inspire, i appreciate it

  32. Thanks for this profound article! Great vibration to focus on. Delightful! Thank you for all the good that you do!

  33. Robinwalters says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you John. Your article came just at the right time for me. I must keep my eyes on my goals and vision and take action in rough waters. I just burned my boat and I’m walking on water. Great article!

  34. Thanks, I needed to read that!
    I have that belief and I have allowed it be watered down of late.
    I’m back?

  35. Attention: John Assaraf
    After doing some extensive studies during the past year with people such as Harv Eker, I am about to open my own internest business. It is my belief that if I could start off as an affiliate for people of a certain stature, such as you and Bob Proctor, I cannot go wrong. Could you please tell me whether you entertain applications for affiliates. I have a gut feeling that I am going to be successful because of the odds, not despite them. I would very much appreciate hearing from you. Many thanks.
    Sheila Baumann, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada (Please do not publish my name and address – thanks)

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  38. Laura – The pictures came out so good!! Thank you for evyenthirg it was such a blast. You guys are all so awesome! The rainbow picture is my favorite I can’t wait to see what you guys do with the Curtis center I love the shot with the arch. I love all of them!


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