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Gateway to Business SucessYour ability to focus, plan, feel or do anything is intimately tied to the mix of five different types of brainwaves your brain is producing at any given moment in time. Your brain produces multiple brainwaves simultaneously, but you are at your best when your brainwaves are perfectly aligned with what you are doing. But here’s the problem: Our over-thinking, over-stressed culture forces our brains to stay in the beta wave pattern more than our brains were meant to.

Let’s take a closer look at the five different types of brainwaves so you can more fully understand why it’s a problem when Beta Waves dominate.

  1. Beta Waves – This is the one you are in right now. It’s associated with being alert, working and stress. It’s not conducive to learning.
  2. Alpha Waves – Slower than Beta and indicates a deep relaxation. Super learning can take place here. It’s the bridge between your conscious and unconscious mind and it’s associated with being intuitive. This state can be induced through meditation, relaxation and a light trance.
  3. Theta Waves – Slower still, and normally only experienced when you are drifting off to sleep, waking up or when you dream. Theta waves are associated with increased creativity, accelerated healing and conducive to integrating your emotional experiences and changing behavior. This is the level of the subconscious that holds some of the deepest programming of our behavior.
  4. Delta Waves – The slowest, normally experienced during deep, dreamless sleep and very deep meditation. These waves are associated with accelerated healing, growth hormone production, and accessing your subconscious in a way not available any other way.
  5. Gamma Waves – The fastest brain waves, associated with higher mental acuity (not normal thinking or problem solving) and can include flashes of brilliance, sudden bursts of insights, as well as moments of extreme focus and concentration.




  1. I admire the quality and clarity of your thoughts. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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  5. Thelma Baterna says:

    Hi John, nice website, great post! I am more interested to know more about the different functions of conscious and sub-conscious mind. I heard and read a lot about it but I am confused about their functions in my brain! This is the only time I got the interest of knowing because I want to succeed in business. Thank you!

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    Please pass this on to John!
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  9. When you wake up in the morning your mind changes from Theta (dream state) to the Beta (awakened state). However, when this happens it goes through the Alpha state which is in between. In the Alpha state (which is a normal meditative state) your mind will be operating at about 7 to 14 Hz. This is ideal for meditation, so, as soon as you wake up, imagine the kind of day you want to have. Imagine a state in which everything works for you, and Abundance has already arrived.

  10. Dear John, i watched the web seminar and it was 100/100. you are providing true value to society. I admired when you said” you can do it buy yourself OR try my programme”.That was honesty..u r a great person. DO you know that in the deepest beta waves a person might feel as “selfless” entity. This resonates with the Buddhist teaching of Anatta/Non self. Everything is dependent in that way.. ( dependent co arising- Upanisa sutta )

    may u be well

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  17. Wow, this is so interesting to know. Thanks John! I became a very keen student of the subconscious mind since a month and a half ago. Already i’m sharing about it with some of my friends. I’m loving it!

  18. Thank you for your comment.
    What exercises do you recommend for the development delta and gamma waves?

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    So for subconscious reprogramming the delta state would be most effective? Because for months it seems i’ve apprently been wasting my time with theta(though effective)

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