Commit to Visualization and Your Affirmations

MindCommit to Visualization and Your Affirmations
Your visualizations and affirmations should accurately describe the life you want to live. This is your vision. You can design it any way you want. Exercise your creativity and ingenuity. Have fun! As you create a vision of your future and support it with your affirmation, you will begin to see things you never saw before. Here are some other tips to help you program your nonconscious mind with visualizations and affirmations.

Recommit and Refine. You have to keep refining your goals, your business vision and your affirmations. The game never ends. Design your vision and write out your affirmations until they are perfect in your mind. You have to keep recommitting to the process. Every time you set your goals higher, every time you push past the goalposts even further, or set your foot on the path to some new goal or aspiration, you have to recommit to the process of articulating that goal and then imprinting it onto your nonconscious brain.

Complete the Process. Make sure you finish writing your vision statement and affirmations. Are you procrastinating or not completing the work?If you find you haven’t done the work, here’s the question you could pose to yourself: What stories am I telling myself as to why I haven’t done this work? The way you do anything is the way you everything. If you’re dragging your feet, ask yourself: Why? What reason are you giving yourself that you can’t do this? Your habits are forcing you to behave in the same old ways you always have.

Embrace making a change. You can ask yourself other questions such as: How well is my inactivity working for me in my business and my life? Wouldn’t it be nice to make a change? You have nothing to lose but old habits that aren’t working for you—and you have everything to gain.

Commit to the Process. Stay focused and commit to doing the neural reconditioning work day in and day out. Make yourself reminder notes to review where you stand with the process, perhaps at the beginning of every week. Add a statement to your reprogramming routine that addresses your commitment, something along the lines of: I am building on a solid new unconscious foundation to take my success even further.



  1. John Assaraf says:

    Hi FF
    Thanks so much for your post. I am honored that you reached out to me and some of my colleagues. I think that the reason you haven’t heard from anyone is we are not qualified to deal with TBI as experts. We are personal development specialists and not Traumatic brain Injury experts. I do believe that there are doctors out there on the bleeding edge of science that can help and that’s who I would recommend you seek out. I did work with a TBI survivor a few years ago and it was to complicated for my knowledge base. I wish you success in finding the right team and know you will.

  2. Great sign posts John! I read long ago that I can always tell where I am in the commitment process by my calendar & my checkbook. I LOVE the phrase: day in & day out!

    Consistency is key. Thanks for the nudge and tips to remain STRONG in my daily practice!

    Jacqui Dobens

  3. Jjackson_jasmine says:

    I am going to laminate my affirmations today. Thank you John.

    • Smarthouse Productions says:

      it doesn’t matter what you want. You should always believe that you have all the things and feelings you want. That’s how we get it.

  4. Emmanuells says:

    Thank you John. Great as always!

  5. Frances from Brisbane says:

    Thank you John…. a timely kick in the ‘proverbial’….

  6. TweenStylist says:

    You might not know me now… but you WILL! Look out for Lorinda! Thanks John 4 tip’n the scales my way.

  7. Chris Young Felts says:

    Does John have an affiliate program? If so, I’d like to make application to join.
    Chris Young Felts

  8. maria-theresa says:

    hi john; i come to connect with you. i am an ivorian girl and i do cakes. but i want your teaching to be best; help me please

  9. Great post! I think we lose sight of goals when we don’t make a commitment to start with.

  10. Greg Renstrom says:

    Hi John, I believe I have asked for the interview with Wendy 5 times!
    Could you be as so kind to send it. Your service people have not achieved this outcome


  11. I have learn’t so much, keep up the good work,
    God bless.

  12. I have learn’t so much, keep up the good work, I think you are great.
    God bless.

  13. Great post! Thank you! I am still struggling with” I am not good enough to achieve it RIGHT NOW.”… working on it 🙂

  14. stacia roy says:

    If I have more than one goal which of course I do , do I focus on each one every day or does that send a scattered message to my subconscious?

    • To Be honest with this, there seem to be different schools of thought, I find that the mind is efficient and capable of focusing on more than one goal at a time as long as they aren’t in conflict with another, as long as they are harmonious. Other people tens to think one at a time which I can also see the benefits of, as nothing is watered down and it is stronger, more powerful and direct.

  15. I have personally found that, to be truly effective, my vision must reflect my life’s purpose, and that’s when magic and miracles truly occur.

  16. lsrael omoahkia says:

    hi john
    i meet in lagos at pastor poju “platform”
    i must confess that for two years now i have been attending covenant christian centre but it is now that i know why God had brought me to the church and it is because of you john.
    with your downlaod video for the platform
    my life has taken a new turn
    thanks to you

  17. In regards to the comment by fantastic frank. To start off, I am no expert on (dis)abilities and I have no way of knowing who you are or what you think or feel. It sounds like there was a sudden, painful tragedy that changed you in a profoundly indescribable way. The fire? So you have a situation involving physical AND emotional pain. I would imagine that, at some point, you had anxiety and or nightmares about the fire….Wish I had a pep talk or pre- packaged formula to lead you back to your life before the fire, but that is only a wish. Which you are well aware of. I think you know who you are, there is no injury capable of destroying the core of who you are. The brain is an organ. Like the heart. Or the spleen. If a friend had a heart bypass operation, would you see them as cold or emotionless? NO. An injury is a setback, not the destination. The human body can mend itself, neural pathways can be rewired. You are differently abled. Not DIS ABLED. The smartest doctors in the world know that every body is strong and weak in different areas. The stigma attached to certain conditions hurts more than a hot ember. The greatest disability is science’ s cold precise cataloguing of human existence. That being said, I hope you find peace of mind and heart in a way that makes sense to YOU.

  18. I am finding it hard to stay in the right vibration, thinking, acting, portraying a wealthy person, while I am still struggling paycheck to paycheck barely making ends meet. What can I do to overcome this? How long before I see changes? The biggest issue I have is making a full committment to the program…I have 4 active children and a hectic schedule so committing an hour each day to meditation along with all of the other activities that I have to find time for, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed!!! Help! Any Suggesstions will greatly be appreciated:)
    Thank you!

  19. Medinat Augustt says:

    Im d only child 4 my father.My mum died when i was a year old.She died due to the proble enlaoded on her,never to marry my father.Moreso i wasnt reliesed for my father to take care of me.I grew up with no one to back me up financialy in my studies.I later got married,blessed with a baby girl.I later had a divours after four yrs in marriage without doing anything.Pls l need your advice to progress.

  20. I would like to know your answer to this John. Are you up for the challenge..

  21. Michael JoToya Jackson says:

    As I said to whom it may concern about two or three days ago I wanted to order
    John Assaraf’s program by the 1st of March 2011,and I also said that I would
    have to use two fumes of payments, two different Mastercards to make to sell
    final. Please get back to me with how I can do this.If you need to talk to me
    by phone my no. is (412)450-8093.Please again get back to me as soon as
    possible.Thank you, Michael JoToya Jackson.

  22. Danny Greene says:


    I know that this isn’t the correct place to post this, but I don’t know where else to ask for help. I purchased the “winning the inner game of money” program and altho it’s been fab, I can no longer access the members area to retrieve downloads. My PC totally died on me and I had to buy a new one and am only half way through the course. Can you or somebody help me please?

    Here’s hoping,


  23. Christoph says:

    This is wonderful to hear. I’ve been doing this for a month and my ANTs are still around. Any suggestions?

    • Gfactorx says:

      Take one hostage.

    • Hello Christoph
      You must always OBSERVE what your mind is thinking. This way , your ANTS will weakened. Just like naughty children , when their parents are watching them , they will stop misbehaving. I suggest you read Eckhart Tolle ‘s New Earth where he explains this in great detail. ( he calls ANTS as pain body)  

  24. sarah wood says:

    if i take the course for 47 dollars, can I retake it. and if so howmany times

  25. Sang indra says:

    Wow pretty tough challange there mr John. But i believe u can do it.

    Anyway,im indonesian,and just read ur great book. The answer. I can sense ur energy within,and it triggers something inside of me. Now i have hope for my life. I have a business that isnt working nice lately. I follow coaching. But doesnt help that much. Now i know that the ill actually come from my self. I dont believe anymore in my dream.

    Now,i start to follow ur suggestion. I enthusiast to do it. And to committed step my life into the road of a winner of Ernst&Young. Thanx for the enlightment. May universe bless you

  26. DawnMarie says:

    Hello I have the audiobook, “Having it All” and listen to it on a weekly basis. It was purchased through I-tunes and would like to know how I get the PDF files of the written assignment at the end of the book.

  27. It’s very interesting. I want to know more about it. Thank you John

  28. Clare Spiegel says:

    Hi John,
    I am a firm believer in visualization. Thanks for the refining the process.
    Warm regards,
    Clare Spiegel

  29. I know how to reach John Assaraf

  30. Johnny Diamond says:

    Why can I no longer access the website?

  31. Mary McCallion Dempsey says:

    I would love to here the outcome of the above challenge. Did it happen and how did it go. I really hope it worked. Love all of your insights John and isn’t it fascinating to know that we haven’t even begun to touch the mystery and capacity that is available to us – that is us.

  32. Hi,
    I purchase the Winning the Game of Money NeuroTraining in March. I am receiving in the mail lessons bur I am missing 2 and 3. I am a little confused about the program. Am I receiving program in the mail or I have downloads somewhere? Can you please help me and guide me through the process please.


  33. Kenneth Bell says:

    Dear Sir
    Excuse me for usen this page as I have sent you e- mails I
    belive they did not reach you, I orded a program [ Havit it all you give
    me throug paypalthe e-mail yougive did NOT WORK[. they sent the money £121.oo.the e- mail you give me was wrong and they told me to cancelwhich i did.
    SO I would still like to buy Hvint it all, just tellme how much i have to send to YOU and give me the RIGHT ADDRESS and I will send YOU ,the money.

  34. Deemanny00 says:

    My vision must reflect my life’s purpose, and that’s when magic and miracles truly occur… This is really inspiring… from today I am going to try and put all that I have read and heard into practice.I will let you know how it turned out

  35. Michael Phillips says:

    It’s been four months now… I’m curious to know if John took the challange presented here?

  36. Brilliant as always and so true!


    I am very much interested and wiling to learn from you!

  38. Geri Lafferty says:

    Would have been informative to read your response to “Fantastic Frank.” Did anything become of This?

  39. moujahd says:

    im m / 40 i like talk with gir or wom old singel in iran…….my name Aref

  40. Bouksiaaf says:

    hello Jhon, you should do this with several language,thanks

    je suis Faicel de la Tunisie,l’anglais n’est pas notre point fort,please do some thing for this;

    sincèrement Faicel

  41. Hi Im new to this ,have recently read the Secret what a book , I have 4 mind blowing inventions that I am trying to sell or get investors for, I believe in my products and i know they are what is going to secure mine and my families future wealth, who do I approach first or do I just sit back and wait for the law of attraction to do its thing? Many Thanks Rachel

  42. hi
    i like your book very much, i m from thailand, i do believe what you say i believe that, i hope one day i can meet you , take good care

  43. I was really enjoying my first session but suddenly I lost connection with the comment stating you membership is not active. Anyone else got this problem?

  44. Audi based brainwave entrainment will not help with brain damage and depending what is going on could make it worse. With all due respects to John who is obviously an expert salesman and marketer he isnt a brain specialist. You need a practitioner of neurofeedback to properly assess your brain and then set up a neurofeedback program for you. You can do it in a clinic or get a home training system. good luck

  45. Keston Prescott says:

    Hello John. This is Keston Prescott Of Thatzdatheat Production in Trinidad and Tobago.
    I have just listened to your audio book called “The Answer”
    My life has truely changed for the better. That audio is worth millions at least to me. You have opened my eyes to possibilities that I could have never seen. So I am making a full 360 change.
    I gave my self a 1 year plan of absolute success in my music production company as well as a construction company, I will start in the next few months. So the date I set is June 12 2011 to June 12 2012. And You will be the first one I report to on my success I acheive during this year period.
    Thank you John!
    Have a blessed day!

  46. What is this trafficting, people are trafficting ntheir life our fife depend on the universe sources at an level, people are now suffering and they don’t even know. doctor say they never see anything like this.
    What do you think is wrong? are going too far in tecnology

  47. Hi John Asaraf, I have tried affirmation, visualization, vision board got little success but still I am very much frustrated as I am not living the life I want. I am not able to control my anger, fear, hesitation etc. Please guide me. I am very confused. I want peace of mind. How will the law of attraction work for my children, family life if my wife has very negative attitude.

  48. Clifford says:

    Hi John,
    It’s only about 3 months now that I came to know about Law of Attraction and Law of Abundance, Positive Affirmations and other related stuff and started reading about it in earnest, which I find very interesting. But, I was wondering how could I change things for myself; I am a working class. Most of the guys like you and Bob are into business. You’ll have your own business. Is it that LOAs only work for people who are into business? My monthly salary is US$ 2000/- and if I affirm US$ 5000/-; from where is the additional US$ 3000/- going to come from? Is it that the universe will provide for it? But how?

  49. Hi john’
    im looking into going into a business up market women’s clothing boutique, i know where i live we need a store that im looking to open the only thing that is stopping me is all the retailer telling me not to do it at the moment because retail is down.. i have seen the secert and i know i can do this but im also thinking with a business brain that maybe it is not the way to go for things for people at the moment are hard… confused

  50. Thank you, I wanting to buy a farm that is going power of sale for my family and horses

  51. Dvora Badichi says:

    Grate. It is hard for me to explain my reaction in English because in Israel we speek Hebrew. but…

  52. sarah kioma says:

    hello sir john! My name is Sarah Kiome. I’ve been through a film about THE SECRET and I would be in direct contact with you so that you can help me a project that will help me accomplish my dreams. I await your response. thank you!

  53. Hi John,
    I’ve never met you personally, just read your book ( the italian version title is “LA RISPOSTA” I am following you steps as I am following all suggestion of all teachers i saw in “THE SECRET” and I’d like ti thank’s you for thi idea that become clear just this morning, reading you book for the second time.
    What it is on my mind is a great project, ambitious (of course ) but I want to go on with it and believe I will realize all.
    The starting is so little… but it become frome the same way of thinking and desiring life as the big… so it will be possible!
    I live in Italy, the north of Italy, And I have start my businness after a lot of troubles in my personal life and in work: it was useful because I decide to change, my mind, my work, my life.
    Now I am in a situation of a lot of Ideas, alittle product to sell and a big dream to realize.
    My businness now is the electronic sigarette… Oh I know it seems fun to sell this after what I said about my dream… But the thought is that we coukd do what we want if this is not damage for us and for peopleand for environment.
    The electronic smoking is a Style of living: it is a symbol (sorry for my English but I am Italian!) the DON O’BRIAN style of living.
    Smoking is a bad attitude because it is damage for us and for people… but why make our efforts to stop if just changinf cigarette we can make it just a attitude,just a part of our life style.
    And all can became part of a new style of life with this way of thinking: we can built a world of freedom in which we should choose to have a better life simply choosing : My dream is DON O’BRIAN became the symbol of a new life in which we can choose and tecnology and science are on our service to help us, as well as books, dressing, cars, shoes… all things that cam make our life happy.
    What do you think about it?
    Now I know I have to work on my dream and just believe in it… But the problem is money… Can you help me to find some people who have my ideas or can believe in this and become a partner for me?
    Best regards

  54. Ezequiel Encina says:

    Hi John, my name is Ezekiel, I have 20 years of age, I’m fromArgentina. I read “The Secret” of Ronda B., where I met about you. I have also tried to contact Dr. Joe Vitale, which I could not do yet. I would love to have a chat with you, I like to learn about the great potential of the brain and know that you are layers show me.Perhaps you have your busy schedule, but would be very gratefulpuediéramos talk, even more than I am for having found this.My email is:, and my phone number03717-15624814.Best regards and “peace beyond all understanding.”

  55. Ezequiel Encina says:

    From my point of view, is not a virtue to have a huge brain that goes beyond all boundaries, is not a virtue that is characteristic of all men, virtue is knowledge that has that capability. 

  56. Johnny Biscuit says:

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  57. Lesego Mabiletsa says:

    Just finished reading THE SECRET and I AM very motivated. You are inspirational (you all are). I am going to work with you to become a better person and businessman.

    Thank you

  58. Siddharth says:

    Hi sir John I am Siddharth and i am 15 years old i want to share my knowledge of everything with you but i dont know how to. There are lot of things to tell.
    I have my diary in which i have written everything.
    Please give me more knowledge about the Law Of Attraction.

  59. hii i read your book “the answer” it was very good and help me so much it was in hebrwo thank you asraf

  60. Bail San Jose says:

    Fantastic website with a wealth of free resources. Blog is updated regularly.

  61. Maybe there is something that will help you to help yourself FF. Read the Brain That Changes Itself. Written by Norman Doidge, MD. or listen to the CD with the same name.

  62. ciao,mi chiamo violeta istina lungu o 31 anni,fina adesso ho letto metta del libro “the secret”o visto la tua foto e volevo sapere di piu …coasi nello steso momento hai publicato sul facebook una foto…forse te riesci spiegarmi una cosa che me ha succeso:messi fa o sogniato un locale che io non avevo mai visto…era uno sognio,mi lo ricordo bene xche mi a impresionato il fatto che era dipinto di rosso. mi e succeso veramente di arrivare in questo posto e prima di entrare dentro io gia sapevo come era arredato perche era come nell mio sognio . come e possibile?scusa di non aver scritto in inglese ma sono piu brava a scrivere e parlare italiano(io sono dalla romania)grazie

  63. aditya parikh says:

    sir i have a vision book of all things i wish to be and all things i wish to achieve and i look at it every morning as i wake up with a lot of gratitude and do the same before going to bed! Sir is it an appropriate way of using the technique of visualization??

  64. aditya parikh says:

    i have a vision book which i look at daily first thing in the morning feeling lots of gratitude..i do the same before going to bed!:) is this an appropriate way of using the technology!:)

  65. meditation says:

    Every interesting. Thank

  66. let say i want humer, bmw and private jet do i have to put all that in
    board at once or there is limitation of it or as much i want
    or procedural or one board at a time

  67. Hy John!

    I`m happy that I can write you. I`m Hungarian and I learn English language.
    I live in England with my boyfriend. I arrived here past October.
    I study to college where I practise English language.
    I ask with the Secret new Love and England life. I got all what I wanted.
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    I`m waiting for your answer. I hope we speak soon.


    Have a great birthday!


  68. I’ve ‘naturally’ refined my goals and affirmations as the things I desire have changed a bit so its interesting to see you recommending a similar course of action. Thanks for your contribution.

  69. rajesh soni says:

    sir please sir suggest me for became a big real estate bussinessman thnx.rajesh soni

  70. Very powerful post John, you are a great man! It is so true that connecting these will make you successful! No wonder where you stand right now. Keep it up! 

  71. I am so agree on this John. Never thought this can be so great by just doing these great steps with great mindset though as for me. Thank you so much!

  72. Narelle Stratford says:

    I can relate to the idea that every time you up the ante on your goals you need to recommit to that new refined vision and imprint it on to your subconscious mind. Thanks for the reminder John.

  73. This is a test comment

  74. This ties right in to one of the Notes From The Universe I get through  When we raise the bar, the Universe jumps higher.  Gotta go work on my updated life now!

  75. Hey there! I realize this is sort of off-topic however I had to ask. Does managing a well-established website such as yours require a massive amount work? I am brand new to operating a blog but I do write in my diary everyday. I’d like to start a blog so I can share my experience and thoughts online. Please let me know if you have any recommendations or tips for brand new aspiring blog owners. Appreciate it!

  76. Deepak wadhwa says:

    Hi am Deepak wadhwa from INDIA (PUNJAB).
    I have just read abut you in book SECRET by RHONDA BYRNE
    I am so crazy to meet you after read your backround. I like you life and your job. Good

  77. s.sowrirajan says:

    slogon says “no substitute for hard work”but yours is thought prvoking

  78. ทำเว็บ says:

    Thanks and happy New Year here.

  79. The Answer Notebook

    1/5/2012 1:49 PM

    Hello John,
    I am old student (Since 1985) of Think and Grow Rich, Your Rights to be Rich, The Law Of Success all by Napoleon Hill, and I have nice professional library of couple hundred of books and programs, now including you’re the Answer, as well
    I started with this “Secret” about 2 years ago when I read that book at my pal’s house. He never used it, he never read books, he just buy to show that he has something.
    Later on I went to the Nobles and I bought that book so I can have and read it whenever I want to. I followed the best I could for two years and I don’t have any changes in my life for better.
    Since this last summer (June 2011) I bought The Answer, by you and Murray. So, some considerable time passed, and I am still in the hole, while I am doing all the best that I can do to follow up the action part form the book. This is 3rd time I am going through this book and I do all the exercises and nothing comes to manifest, except, I am still where I was when I started and I don’t feel comfortable to describing where it all is now.
    I started accounting practice years ago and it all went to tubes because I couldn’t grow it, get new clients needed to build it to the state that I could make any kind of living. It’s not that I am bad accountant and consultant, but it all falls to the part that I am not able to sign new clients. I am trying to do this for past 7-8 years, I even go out and knock the doors of the businesses, I purchased marketing programs for my profession and all of that, and still, today I am where I am in the Zero Field, broke. I have very good references from whom I did accounting jobs, and I laminated them and bring to the appointments, and nothing works. I did cold calls for 2.5 years on 1,200 prospect base, and I signed up only 3 clients in that time.
    So, there is nothing that I am afraid of failure, nor I don’t want to, or I don’t do the action part. From Late July till November 2010 I knocked physically on about 650 businesses, and I was not able sign a single one.
    I am discouraged, broke, and whatever. On the conscious level I know that I am good and worthy, and I am impressing that into my subconscious mind, and not much change. I am beaten up for so long, that I am not able to evoke any emotional state to support my affirmation which I modeled on your samples from The Answer. I am numb, no feelings now.
    Where to go from here?
    Also, I have big passion for music, and this is from my childhood. But with it, is this same/similar problem with finding pro musicians to play with. I don’t do much in that direction because all what I do now is trying to survive and get some business going so I could move to my place and start my life again.

    With warm regards


    As you can see at the top, I am using my “The Answer Notebook” page which I am using in my work on your book.

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  90. Kymm Ernst says:

    I am driving and thoroughly enjoying the car I I visioned. I recently watched the secret again and remembered the story of the dream house. As it turns out that story is yours. I am now visioning my home and a few other things with much more passion than before. Thank you for sharing your story, I have been inspired and my passions are rekindled.

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  156. John

    Recently purchased Having it All and you mentioned in the program (on CD3) a link on your website that helps you create your
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