How To Make Affirmations Work For You

How to Make Affirmations Work for You

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit. —Aristotle

Just imagine: If you could have it all, what would do and be in your life? What feats would you dare to accomplish and where would you go? Just imagine your life, lived without limits.In order to reach an intended destination, you have to know your intended destination. Affirmations—clear, definitive statements declaring something is so—solidify your ideas of where you want to go or how you want to change. Without exception, positive affirmation is the key to all advancement and achievement. The most powerful and successful affirmations are the ones we design around our goals in the areas of our life that are most important to us: money, health, spiritual connection, a job you love, and great relationships with your family and friends. If you don’t take the time to decide what you want for yourself, circumstance or someone else will choose for you. This is not how life is supposed to be.

Growing up, I developed the belief that I was not very good at achieving worthwhile things in life. I ran around with a crowd of kids who were up to no good, and seemed destined for a life of failure. When I first began creating goals and visions for myself in business, it was critical that I create new beliefs around my abilities as a businessperson—otherwise my existing beliefs would end up sabotaging every new goal I set for myself.

I wrote a statement for myself that was in such stark contrast to what I had grown up believing, it still resonates with huge impact to this day:

I am a brilliant and savvy businessman.

Mind you, when I wrote this, I didn’t believe it. Not one bit. And there was a very good reason: It wasn’t true. Not yet. But I decided I would like it to be true. That is who I wanted to become. And the only way that would happen would be if I designed that new belief and entrained it into my brain.

Over the years, I have added to the list and redesigned the statements I tell myself…Here are a few:

  • I give myself permission to be powerful.
  • I have absolute certainty in my ability to generate any amount of income I choose.
  • Money is flowing to me from both expected and unexpected sources.

Affirmations are self-fulfilling prophecies. Think of affirmations as the core principles of the life you are visualizing. Affirmations are your To Be List—powerful reminders throughout the day that keep you on track toward your goals and dreams. You deserve to decide for yourself exactly what and who you’ll become and what you’ll acquire along the way.

Through a process we call neural reconditioning, you can take those goals and dreams and turn them into neural patterns in your subconscious brain. Let’s take the analogy of running a marathon. Whether or not you’ve ever actually run a marathon before, you probably have a pretty good idea of what it takes to get in shape for something like this. It’s not just something you can decide one day and do the next. It takes time and consistency. It takes an applied methodical effort. You need to workout daily, breaking in your system bit by bit, toning and strengthening your muscles, training your lungs and heart, until gradually your entire system had become acclimated to the new demands you are asking of it. You see, your entire nervous system is set up to help you establish habits. After it understands that you want to perform an activity over and over again, it makes those corresponding neural pathways very efficient so that it becomes easier for you.

This is exactly what you are going to do with your brain. Positive affirmations form new facts and data for the subconscious brain to hardwire. It takes daily, consistent effort.

Here’s how you can begin to recondition your brain:

Create a new, powerful, physical and mental vision. Make your goals emotionally rich and crystal clear.

Create powerful declarations and affirmations in each category—health, wealth, relationships, business and spirituality—that support your new vision.

Use a portfolio of imprinting material, which may include written, auditory, visual and subliminal pieces. Through repetition—affirmations on audio, visualization and meditation—you will begin to replace your old beliefs and habits with new ones.

Maintain a daily routine of reconditioning techniques: For five to seven minutes, three times a day, use photos, vision boards, mental movies, self-guided imagery, real-life movies, and recorded and laminated affirmations.

Practice meditation daily. Meditation can increase your focus and concentration, increase your power of concentration and attune the brain to receive the answers, tools and resources needed to fulfill that vision.

We need a vision for our lives, or else nothing we do means anything. No matter what your current circumstances, if you can imagine something better for yourself, you can create it.



  1. Outstanding information John. I have been using affirmations for the last past three years now and it does make a difference. The secret is to be consistent and BELIEVE!

  2. Great John! Thanks for sharing…

    Congratulations for your wonderful job!

  3. Candi Wolley says:

    I never did any of this before meeting you, now I cannot imagine not doing these great ideas! Thanks for elaborating on a great topic!!

  4. Tmgspirit says:

    Thanks for delivering such important reminders. Although we know what we should be doing, we are often falling off of our tracks.

  5. great way of putting number of things together. thank you.

  6. Tullochmediagroup says:

    Thanks John,
    Love the article, very true and proven theory. The money part – I am just missing something. I purchased your vision board package and have a huge vision board in my closet and in my office. We have also bought the exact home on my vision board, so I know this stuff works. Still missing how to bring the money part in.

  7. Josephluis89 says:

    Thank you so much for these wonderful insights of how we can recondition our subconscious to those new beliefs.

  8. Irina Ponizova says:

    Hi John !
    Since I start live on life 100% responsible for all results : win & failure , success becoming my key word. And affirmation becoming my daily habit to influence my mind , ignoring obstacles and supporting positive emotions,

    all the best

  9. George Okeyo Rabok says:

    Dear John
    Thanks for very much,for your powerful contribution to the humanity development, what i would like know, is there any limit number of requests/focus to the Universe (things you want achieve) which you may ask /focus on at any given time steadily until you obtain the results ?

    Regards: George Okeyo (

  10. Alma Jean says:

    thank you John

  11. Syl_mcwhinney says:

    I would like information on meditatin as I do not know how to do this

    • go to i – tunes and type in meditation Mary Richardson has some free ipods that you can down load, they are very helpful.

  12. Omar_hosn says:

    My Dear Friend John,

    You don’t know IT. But, you’ve been one of the mentors I’ve choosen for quite sometime now to achieve my Ultimate Purpose in Life.
    I read your wonderful book Having It All and it’s. Everything you write is so valuable and life changing.

    I hope everyone is lucky and really perceive this Knowledge.

    God Bless You

    Omar A. Hosn

  13. Jannesita1 says:

    It’s a great article, it helps us get on the way and stay focus. For me has been a big journey. Thank you for your guidance and thank you for sharing what you know with all of us.

    Good bless you,


  14. Chris Joseph says:

    Dear John, Thank you very much for all of your very informative, powerful, life changing videos, articles, and books, The Answer and Having It All. You have helped me very much. Chris Joseph

  15. This is spot on and recaps the dynamics of how to get yourself from point A to point B in your life. There are some critical disciplines he lays out here and this is chock full of wisdom and you can tell personal experience. Adopt, Adapt, and Engage. GOYA – Durango

  16. Like many others… I always struggled with affirmations – until I began to see their effect.
    I think today, there are areas where I still struggle with affirmations – the larger, more grandiose dreams and goals.
    I’m thinking that’s part of the process, now. As we grow, our affirmations do, too.
    Relentlessly affirm yourself. When in doubt, reaffirm.

  17. My life is n has changed dramatically for the better! Thank u soooo much for these tools. I now use what I’ve known for awhile. Action was the key for me!

  18. Hello Sir,
    Thanks alot for the process and I followed what you instructed us to do by writing my vision. I read all your comments in the Secret Book and I am following it, things become differently in better way. I have the believe that I deserve every good things to happen to me.

  19. hi,
    Thanks alot for this valuable information and I’ll try to apply all your advices in my life.

  20. Robert mac Farlane says:

    Great Stuff…John, I so want to be rich & wealthy to be a bleessing to  all those in my sphere of influuence


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