Make Your Affirmations Stronger with Neural Linking


Make Your Affirmations Stronger with Neural LinkingNeural linking uses emotional association to deepen the impact of your affirmations. By linking your affirmations with feelings that already exist in your memory, you can create emotional anchors that will make your affirmations even more powerful.

Most likely, you have memories that are so powerful and vivid you can revisit them and feel the same way you felt when that memory was created. That’s what you need to do to create a neural link. For example, I go back to a moment and reexperience the feeling I had of being in complete control, on top of the world when I was playing an unforgettable basketball game—and then I think “I am a brilliant and savvy businessperson.”

I attach that exhilarated feeling to this new belief I want to instill, using the emotion and the neural pathways that are already in place, and associating that 30-year-old feeling with this new belief. You can put that associative trait to work for you by designing specific links for yourself.

  1. Search your memory banks for a positive event in your life that was especially empowering, a moment where you felt a thrill of accomplishment, excitement or triumph.
  2. Make a list of positive events so you can easily identify them later on.
  3. Close your eyes and let yourself reexperience that event and examine what you’re seeing, hearing, feeling and smelling.
  4. Jot down a few of the impressions you had. What feelings did this experience provoke?
  5. Choose one of your affirmations. In my case, I chose, “I am a brilliant and savvy businessperson,” since this is not a belief I grew up with, and yet it has been critical to my achieving success in my business visions.
  6. Close your eyes again and let yourself reexperience that powerful memory, evoking all the sensory impressions, feelings and emotions involved. While you are at the height of that feeling, repeat your new affirmation, either out loud or in your mind.

You will make your dreams come true faster than you ever thought possible when you imprint your affirmations to your nonconscious brain by using emotional anchors.



  1. John, I remember studying this, and thank you for making this post, it is helping me to remember to use this tool in affirmating!

  2. I will certainly give this a try…I think of how I could bring back a feeling that caused something to occur and wonderd what it was that made me feel that way…thx John

  3. This is a great analogy! I will definitely remember this. Thanks so much, John! Namaste.

  4. Rebecca R8 says:

    SO very true! Thanks for educating the world! 🙂 Reba

  5. Anonymous says:

    I always tell my clients to do this before they go onstage to deliver a presentation, but I’ve never seen the process broken down into a step-by-step process like this. I’ll definitely share these steps with them in the future. Thanks John!


  6. Davidvincentdec says:

    This is a really cool idea. I am going to do this during meditation. Thanks for the great idea.

  7. Garryharper says:

    thanks John so i choose positive memorys instead of negative , interesting its so simple thanks mate

  8. Julie Rehfeld says:

    Hello John,
    Neural linking is exactly the method I employed when I was acting and had to access emotions associated with an event the character I was playing experienced. I didn’t know what it was called at the time, but “getting into character” is a perfect analogy for the process of neural linking!
    I learn new things every day!
    Julie Rehfeld

  9. Positive affirmations are used to change the way you think. Used over time it is believed they can change the negative thoughts into positive ones and subsequently enable you to get whatever you are training your mind into believing you will get.Self Esteem Affirmations

  10. John, I LOVE the simplicity in which you share this. Years ago I heard it referred to as touch stones. Remembering days of experiencing goodness. The most important part of it was to remind your self that because you accomplished, overcame, experienced success in __________ you can draw strength & belief from having done it before.
    Adding in writing those victories down makes an even deeper connection.

    Jacqui Dobens
    Life Tools University

  11. John, I’ve been doing affirmations for wealth and career I love, yet haven’t manifested either yet. I was recently doing a financial workshop and it was suggested that I might be sabotaging myself, and it could be rooted in fear of success. As I continue to try to free myself to be the person I’ve forgotten so many years ago and unleash my creative talents, the same fear comes up. I will try this method of affirmation, but what do you suggest around sabotaging the affirmations? Could it be a hidden belief that’s creating the fear that I’m just not aware of?

    • Hi Nina,
      I sometimes use EFT tapping ( Emotional Freedom Technique) that combine affirmations with tapping on your body’s meridian points. It helps the body’s “memory” to release limiting beliefs. Google EFT Practitioners for someone in your area.
      Warmly, Ursula.

  12. Claudia Garcia C says:

    Thanks, it was a honor to be able to read this email , I am preparing myself to pass the biggest test. of my life which is ASCP board test and that major goal is taking me crazy but I know I can and I wll pass it and againg thanks to you it is true by focus our self and remember the biggest moment in our life when we had achieving it such as the day that my daughter was born or the day I was graduate ftom medical college in this blessing country USA.I would like to give my Thanks to every mentor that I meet also to my daughter and family , friends but most of all thanks to GOD that guides every step in our lives. Sincerely ,Claudia Garcia C

  13. This is great, John and true when we get back into our Victory feelings we are not only feeling good but know that we know that we know we can succeed, and we will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Johnny Biscuit says:

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  16. Natalie Abraham says:

    I have my vision board and would like it to be returned to my computer screen Board.

  17. I learned about this internet site via Google two days ago and that I am certainly enjoying all the statistics being shared appropriately! Many thanks again!

  18. Wow thanks for this John, i kinda neglect my affirmations a bit but i do visualize. Hmmm, will i still be attracting things to me if its done this way? I know i have to work on my affirmations. This is really useful informations. Thanks again.

  19. thanks for explaining it so simple


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