Repeat Your Affirmations Daily

Repeat Your Affirmations DailyEvery time you read or listen to an affirmation, it becomes a stronger force in your life. Repeat your affirmations at least twice a day—morning and night. I find myself repeating my affirmations throughout the day, repeating them over and over. Soon you will have most of them memorized.

Are you affirmation positive or negative? We may not always be aware of it, but we all create and repeat affirmations constantly. The problem is, we typically don’t pay attention to exactly what those affirmations are saying. Often we go through the day giving ourselves all sorts of contradictory, or even negative messages. We may project confidence to the world around us, while our inner dialogue says… I hope this works. I am so nervous about this. I hope I don’t blow it. Affirmations are self fulfilling prophecies. If we say, This is never going to work… then chances are excellent it never will.

Get into the feelings, emotions and associations you have with affirmations. Feel so jazzed up about what you are saying that you feel like it is already there. When you are able to really get into that feeling place, this is when the new neural connections are created. It is essential to remember emotions, clarity and feelings are the key ingredients to creating effective affirmations that will produce results in your world.


Laminate your affirmations. Have your affirmations laminated. Make a couple of copies for home, work, your car and next to your bed.


Use technology to bombard your nonconscious brain with the declarations of the world you want to create. Technology has given us all sorts of wonderful tools we can use.

Audio:Play your affirmations while you are jogging or working out, cleaning house—anytime you would ordinarily listen to music.

Subliminal Audio and Video:You can play subliminal audio and video recordings to yourself throughout the day.

Subliminal Software:There is software available that will play your affirmations to you by flashing them almost invisibly on your computer screen.

When we have absolute clarity about what it is we wish to create, and repeat our affirmations daily, the Law of Attraction does its part with providing you with all you need to create what you want.



  1. Eslam Talaat says:

    Thanks John
    These powerful factors you add daily ,helps make our affirmation more effective

  2. Edward Whalen says:

    Hello John!
    Just a note to let you know that I was fascinated by “The Secret” and your contribution in making it a worldwide success! I have had several small, but notable experiences with LOA! The other I stopped at a yard sale on our block. This is kind of spooky! There I saw a new copy of your Vision Board Kit! Since you are a cherished mentor of mine, I quickly grabbed it! Now you can`t pry that valuable kit from my hands! I have watched the DVD several times, and the scissors were busy clipping affirmations from the sheet and constructing my own Vision Board! Being retired, and not having alot, I feel that the Law Of Attraction led me to that yard sale that day to obtain a very valuable asset to my life! I hung the Vision Board in my exercise room where I spend a good part of every morning! I feel that the only way now is to go up! The Vision Board is an important tool in transforming ones dreams into reality! I feel changes are coming and I have commited to myself to not giving up!
    Thank you, John, for your beautiful contribution to so many people!
    I think it is a shame that so many give up without giving The Law Of Attraction a chance to prove itself! After all, isn`t it all worth it?
    Edward r. Whalen

  3. hi. mr. asaraf i from tabasco estate. mexico. and y bought your book and olny i want to say a lot of thank, muchas gracias..-..
    your book” the answer” give me the answer, i ask for the universe because i don´t understand tha law of atraccion
    but now i want to my dream como true …
    pd.sorry by my writer my inglish is not good .bye .and thank´s

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  5. Great advice thanks

  6. Jenna-Marie says:

    Im a 27 yr old femaIe from NJ. I watched the secret a couple of yrs ago – This movie has changed my life dramatically – I could list all the positive things I have benefitted from this movie but I’d go on forever. I was drawn to you while watching the secret, I dont know exactly why, but your story definitely inspired me – especially the part you spoke of when your son was banging his feet against the box you had opened and saw your vision you had created from your board. I have experienced and gained things I never thought possible with the secret – not money or material things – more internal stuff – like self confidence and a whole change of my mind set and how I thought and controlled my thoughts. I still have trouble with alot things & could use help & advice. I have questions and I was wondering if you did seminars or possibley teachings or classes of some sort???

  7. Hi John, I was trying to get objective facts about Hope Wallace Gill, especially after your Notes comments about her allegedly being a fraud is the No. 1 hit on her name. What if you’re wrong? Look at her facebook page now – there are photos of Mosques that she has renovated “green” – are these just photos where she did nothing? Here is a letter I got from an orphan in Africa who she obtained schooling for – he now works for her team in Africa. I love truth, but if what you’re saying is false in major ways, then you’re destroying her reputation and her career. Mathias Kagabo November 9 at 4:35pm Report
    Hello Diane,
    I am so pleased to meet you as well. Right from the start I was orphaned at the age of two both parents gone. I was staying with my grandmother 79 years by then although now she has made 86 years of age. I had dropped out school due to lack of fees and my grandmother had aged she could do less for me. I had completely no support and I had lost hope for school. The day 12th of June 2002 I watched Ambassador Hope on Voice of America Straight talk Africa. She was talking about helping orphans in Africa. I wrote to her an email and after a few days she responded telling that my dreams of being in school will be fulfilled. One week after I, my grandmother together with my other siblings got photographed. I was matched to a Virtual parent June Waller from Los-angles. Through her son Raleigh Waller I was taken back to school and in one of the best schools in the country a school where ministers and other government officials sons study from. I used this opportunity to study seriously and I passed all my exams and scoring grade one only. I passed the ordinary which is level 14 in the USA I think so. I qualified for Advanced level where I studied Physics, Economics, Mathematics and Entrepreneurship.
    I indeed made it as well for University. However due to credit crunch that hit almost the whole world my virtual parent could not be able to fund me at the university. I being the first orphan to be helped in Africa I was given the leadership of all others in Africa. It is by this that over 432,000 orphans were registered and data based in about 4 districts out of the 120 districts in Uganda.
    Later Hope more other orphans were taken back to school and the process continue else where in Africa. In fact all the countries in Africa have a built data base and ready . . .

  8. Nancy Shields says:

    Repetition is like glue to the brain! The more we repeat positive affirmations and live in the moment of YES, we are then creating our own realities of the YES WORLD!!!!

  9. Thomas Binge says:

    Where can I get subliminal software?

  10. H John,
    You are a good.

    Hello John,
    What you are doing is simply marvelous.

  11. “I can be happy, it only takes a little effort from me.”

    I say it almost everyday 😉

    Great collection of great affirmations. Thumbs up 🙂Self Esteem Affirmations

  12. Great tips, John! I totally agree.
    Other affirmation tips I share with my clients, students and readers include:

    * Affirm with energy and power in front of the mirror, making eye contact with yourself

    * Especially listen to your words of power just upon waking and just before sleep, when you cross through the Theta brainwave, the “record mode” for the subconscious mind, according to Dr. Bruce Lipton and other scientists.

    Anyone who’d like a free copy of two Law of Attraction ebooks with more tips for giving your affirmations more muscle, can go to to get them as a gift.

    Thanks for all you share in the world, John.

    Your new book, The Answer, is recommended reading for all my clients and students.
    I appreciate how you are going so beyond The Secret and a lot of the other Law of Attraction techniques out there. So important!

    Blessings and gratitude,
    Sage Taylor Kingsley, CHT, RM
    The Life Transformation Catalyst

    PS What software program(s) do you like best for the subliminal flashing?

  13. This is awesome. I like seeing someone else using technology to help themselves out during the day I use it while I work. Listening and working time just flys bt

  14. Each day I repeat: “In my life, money flows freely ” or I am an open channel to receive the loving energy of the universe.
    Thank you for all

  15. Chellie Campbell says:

    Hi, John,

    Great article on affirmations – thanks for sharing this. I’ll send my people over to check it out! I’ve been teaching my Financial Stress Reduction Workshop attendees about positive money affirmations for 21 years now. Here are a few of my favorites:

    “People love to give me money!”
    “I am now earning a great big income doing what makes me happy!”
    “I now receive large sums of money just for being me!”

    I’m writing a blog every day this year from a page-a-day book “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction” to help people get in the habit of thinking positively about money and prosperity in all things. I welcome all your friends to come to to join in the conversation.

    I still have the interview we did together up on my site, too. Love you, John! You’re doing fabulous work in the world and I appreciate you.


  16. Almost all day and every I keep repeating in my mind four words as often as possible. “love, happiness, wealth, and abundance.” This is a good thing yes? And thanks John.

  17. Deemanny00 says:

    Beautiful…Thanks John

  18. Great article. Lately I started to take these steps very very intense and seriously. Because things need to change… but my focus needs to change first.

  19. Thanks John… Very much helpful article :). Thanks a ton :))

  20. james breen says:

    Hey All

    John said reading or listening to affirmations is how they become a strong force in our lives. Now reading or saying from memory i understand because you then have to say with feeling either way; but when you listen to the affirmations, whether driving, or sat down, you dont say them with feelings you simply listen to them how does that work then?

    I have tried self-talk cds in the past (albeit without anything else such as visualisations etc) but still they were very inneffective and i did listen to them for 30days

    can anyone please help, as im sure this maybe a sticking point for many

    thank you

    J Breen UK

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  22. VENKAT GOPAL says:

    I read many books and particularly the book ‘Ask and It’s Given’ by Abraham-Hicks. The main theme of that books is just feel good. Nothing is more important than Feeling Good. It attracts all positives into our lives.

    So, What I do as daily affirmation as simply repeating the sentence as ‘I am feeling good’. that is all

    I feel happy and energetic and I am able to focus on my daily work.

    I came to this site to read the power of affirmations and I got the relevant information from John. Thanks John.

  23. Hello from Czech Republic. I found your book (How to have it all) in the library few weeks ago. Now I am much more happy, than ever before. 
    Thank you for all, John,
    although I am only 16, i think, that I have understood.


    P.S.: I think, it would be great, if these techniques will be taught in schools.

  24. Jesse Carwin says:

    Hi John,
    I heard you mention the Subliminal Software in The Answer and now here in this post. Can you actually recommend a brand? I am on the computer all day and would love to put my affirmations on it. I already make my own subliminal affirmations with my music, and I would love the added bonus of the software.

  25. Great information John, seriously this really works but don´t just say the affirmations but do something to make then happen. His book the answer has really changed me

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  27. Aiyana B Ela says:

    Do affirmations actually work?

  28. che njeck Peter says:

    Mr John Assaraf and the secret team are great men to follow. My greatest regret is that none of them comes out here to Africa to teach us the science of the mind . We need the awareness here and I think that the absence of great teachers here is keeping us behind.

  29. John Assaraf, you are the biggest fraud around and you have no idea how you are negatively affecting people and families. My best friend got involved with you and the only thing that’s important to him now is material wealth. He’s narcissistic beyond belief and the wonderful/genuine person we know has almost disappeared. This started as soon as he started being mentored by you. He’s already decided to divorce his wife because he met another woman being mentored by you and thinks the two of them together will achieve what you keep talking about. May you get the same that you are sending out.

    • Melvin, perhaps your friend was an asshole to begin with. And he only got what he deserved. You cannot blame others for your own actions.

    • Eventually what is in a person’s heart come out. Just like when a person suddenly comes into a huge amount of money. You will see what they are made of now that they have resources. Don’t blame John for giving us tools to better our lives. What we do with the tools is individual choice. But don’t blame the messanger. Sounds like your friend was unhappy to begin with as as he got better, he needed a different companion that was more atunned to him.
      Don’t be a “hater”.

  30. What I am struggling with is that how do I repeat the affirmations to myself? Is it a combination of sentences & pictures? Should feelings be associated?


  1. […]  Repeat your affirmations daily, twice daily works well, but there are no rules about when or how often to say positive affirmations. Like all things it helps if you set up some sort of routine to remind yourself, like saying them in the car on the way to and from work, or as you brush your teeth morning and night. […]