The Real Secret to The Law of Attraction

“The universe likes speed. Don’t delay. Don’t second guess. Don’t doubt. When the opportunity is there, when the impulse is there, when the intuitive nudge from within is there, act. That’s your job. And that’s all you have to do.” — Dr. Joe Vitale

ProcrastinatorAs a result of the filmThe Secret,millions of people have become aware of the principle called the Law of Attraction, which explains the creative process through which the unseen world gives birth to the circumstances and events of our lives. Because of The Secret, thousands of people from around the world have emailed, written and called my office to share stories about how knowing and applying the Law of Attraction has changed their lives. These stories are sometimes astonishing, often quite moving, and the range and variety of circumstances involved is staggering.

You can begin to use the power of the unseen world to create your ideal life and business. But here is the part so many people seem to have missed: The Law of Attraction cannot work effectively unless you also follow the Law of Action. Unless you get off your butt and do something, it’s not realistic to expect that much will happen.

Knowing the law of attraction, I wanted to really put it to use and see what would happen so in 1995, I created a vision board. I put pictures of things I wanted to achieve and attract—like a car or a watch—up on this board. Every day I would sit in my office and I would look up at this board and I would start to visualize. I would really get into the state of already acquiring it.

After moving three times and ending up in California, I opened a box that included my vision boards. I cut open the box that had been packed away for five years, and on one vision board was a picture of a home I clipped from an old copy of Dream Homes magazine. When I cut it out of the magazine, I hadn’t known where it was located or how much it cost. But there was no mistaking it. It was a picture of the house I was sitting in at that very moment. Not a house like it. It was a unique house on six acres, with 188 windows, 320 orange trees, 2 lemon trees, and a slew of other special features. I actually bought my dream home, renovated it and didn’t even know it. I was blown away.

I finally understood the power of visualization. While it all starts with an idea and a crystal clear picture of what you want, you can’t just sit around visualizing and waiting for things to happen. If all you do is visualize, the men in the overalls with the big trucks will come take your furniture.

You have work to do.

Visualize and create a vision board. Write down your goals and then find images that match those goals. Use magazines and cut out the words and images that resonate with you. My book, The Complete Vision Board Kit comes with a DVD, sample vision board and tools to help you create a vision board that will positively change your life!

Feel the emotion. Act as if. Act as if you already possess the things pictured on your vision board—the house, the car, or your business. Say, “this” is already mine. State your goals in the present tense like you have already achieved them.


Repetition. Look at the images on your vision board over and over. Repetitiveness of vision combined with your associated emotions will develop your power to visualize and take action to achieve your goals.

The Quakers have an expression, “When you pray, move your feet.” Another expression goes like this: “If you’re going to be praying for potatoes, you better have a hoe ready.”

In a word—act.

The Answer for you: Massive action equals massive results.



  1. Exactly!!! when people say “this doesn’t work” is because they are just expecting something to happen without doing anything. They are just waiting for something to just fall on their laps, like magic…it doesn’t work like that people, you need to take action to see results.

  2. Lsierrat1lucila sierra says:

    Dear John, thanks a lot for the visualization technics. The story of the picture of the house is just amazing. I saw you the other day at your house and I just could not believe it. I am exited to have my board.

  3. John:
    I have ordered “Winning the Inner Game of Business Success ” on your website on 9/20 and it was supposed to be instant download. But I haven’t gotten any download instructions so far. I would really appreicate if you guys can take care of first things first and if you can list a number to ocntact you in case if we need any support.

  4. Mae Stanley says:

    John I have a question for you, please. What if you have a Phenominal Idea-one that is worthy of a patent-but you don’t yet have the funds for bringing that idea to a product??? How would one best ‘act’ on that Idea to get the results desired? I know you have done this several times already with your businesses, so I figured I could ask you… And I Thank You for Your Blogs!!!

    I Thank You…

  5. Thank you John,
    I do totally agree with you and I like to add that we do need to change our paradigms, how we see THE Law of Attraction, be specific as to what exactly you want to attract – than believe and eventually you will see it coming through. We all have the power to do so.
    Thank you for your blog

  6. What many people do not know is how to connect to that “frequency”. You have to connect to that frequency to make it happen.

  7. Lorainemoxam says:

    Thanks much for all informations. I have been using The Law of Attraction for years and it works. I will continue, daily inorder to succeed more and more. Great thoughts and inspiration from you daily, John thank you.

    Love & Light


  8. I believe in the law of attraction, and already have a vision board- however I cant seem to fix my relationship with the person I am in love with,,his pictures all over my house and its still not do i fix something with someone that is now no longer interested in a relationship??

  9. Hi John..

    Thanks for your words…they give me a great opportunity to improve in the LOA to get my dreams come true,..I hope to know more about this subject

    Best, Best wishes


  10. Elizabeth Powers says:

    Good article John. You cut to the chase on vision boards. Visualize, Imagine, Act as if, and repeat all the above. Results…getting what you want in life!

  11. Paul Harrison says:

    I have heard this story so many times in so many different ways from you. What about other things that manifested from the vision boards. And what about all those thousands of people that do not get what they want and try hard and prepare vision boards and emotionalize them and yet still the universe does not deliver. What do you say to them? How do you deal with failure? Or even understand the real reality of The Secret? Well, I propose some answers to these complicated questions on a short video I did on YouTube, just look for the MasterNomi Channel. It’s titled “The Secrets of the Secret”…Wishing you all the best on the Journey, Paul Harrison, aka Master Nomi

  12. Thanks so much for this!!! I am new at all this and am going to start my first vision board this weekend. I’m going to have fun with it. Thanks again for all you do,

  13. Thank you John for all you do.
    You continue to be a source of inspiration.
    How can I get over the “hump” of spending more than I’m comfortable with.
    I would love to order your brain entrainment system, but am hesitating due to the cost.
    I would like to trust the universe more that the money will flow. I feel like I’m stopping it by hanging on to what I have and micromanaging.
    I would like to trust more.

  14. Thank you John. I am very inspired and am interested in this new brain retrain kit but feel a little afraid not of everything but a little with the subliminal or anything that may ‘brainwash’ me. I am very careful about what I allow in my innermost being.Can I get a sample of what some of these things are saying?

  15. They always said that you need to be a vibraational match for the nature of your vision, is this not so? S o how do you achieve the vibrational frquency tha t will align you with your desires, IT sometimes feels just out of range. Thanks for all the help in this area. Linda

  16. I heard the story of your house more than a year ago, but only really connected with you fully
    when I heard you on the Aware show last week and bought your program. It’s already impacted my life in marvelous ways. I couldn’t have acted when I first heard you: now is the right time. What’s the
    connection, in your mind, between action and timing. Seems a crucial one to me
    With gratitude, Carolyn.

  17. People really need to keep it simple when it comes to being successful. Like you said, be clear on what you want, visualize and feel it, and then take massive action to make it happen and the universe will have no choice but to answer to your greatest desires. Action is key! Thank you John for your leadership and the value you bring to the table.

  18. Maria Dorfner says:

    The Complete Vision Board Kit by John Assaraf is an excellent tool to help you visualize your goals as a daily reminder to take consistent actions towards them daily to attain them. Additionally, he asks the right questions to help you determine what you value the most and want in life. It’s not always material. Your vision board may contain photos of good heath, a happy family life or the ideal relationship. To address Carolyn’s concerns below, there is no brainwashing involved. John’s Vision Board is filled with your thoughts; not someone else. John’s book helps you focus. It’s a visual tool for you to organize your thoughts . In turn, that acts as a daily visual reminder to take action. In terms of timing, the best time is now. If something is holding you back — work towards eliminating it. John’s Vision Board can help with that as well. Eliminate fears. John addresses that. When your highest values are in tune with your daily behaviors you are living what John calls “a value driven life”. Your values. Your life. You know you are doing this because you feel it. Your predominant emotion will be a peaceful happiness that derives from within. You will have energy and vitality to spare. I have read, enjoyed and learned something from all of John’s books. I highly recommend them. -Maria Dorfner

  19. John, My take is that curiosity did’t kill the cat, procrastination killed him and his dreams
    — Bob R.

  20. Procrastination has killed more dreams than cats that were killed by curiosity

  21. I believe in actualizing prayer or affirmations, vision boards-whatever. However, and this I can’t reconcile, when something does manifest that I have tried through the above methods, it usually doesn’t happen if I try very hard. It’s almost as if I visualize it-yes certainly work towards it- but then let it go, surrender, That’s when it tends to happen NOT when I beat it to death. Explain that?

    • Hi flower,

      I concure what you say. You have to “let go” of the ball in order for it to be recieved on the other side, (let go of your desire/thought/wish and your hang up/worry that goes with it, in order for the Universe to act on your behalf)

      Love & Twinkles Trace xx

  22. John,

    How often should we look at the images of the things we want? All day long, or just in the morning, afternoon and evenings?

    Eric W

  23. John,

    Thank you so much for all that you are doing for us. Your entry in to my life has just changed the way I started thinking (My positive thoughts). I have the vision board ready a month ago and tell you I have started seeing the results. You are just great!
    – Prabhakar

  24. Himanshu J Shah says:

    Inspired to act fast consistent to vision to manifest. Thanks.

  25. i understand all the principles that you say, and i do them and yet my success doesnt seem to take off as fast as i would like for it to happen . im not giving up just seems like people just dont get what im asking of them . to join me in my business. or my products that i am offering what is the girl suppose to do.

  26. Very true. I couldnt agree more. also I was watching your webinar from the link provided by lisa garr and about 30 minutes into your webinar at the point you mentioned that the famous people know this secret, your webinar just stopped . I tried refreshing etc, but nothing worked. If, as you say you read these comments, please let me see the rest of it as I feel left out half way. I am very keen to complete it.

  27. Thank God how we were created as creators ourselves, and a non static universe.
    So God is in the back of all this, evry moment, waiting for our understanding and
    gratefulness for his glory creation…..

  28. Irina Pon izova says:

    Hi John,
    My Burning Desire translating in to reality ,
    but feel devastaition & block energy.
    Wont quit , but wish change activity to physical …

  29. Hi John. for how long should one continue to visualize and acting without achieving. should one continue to send out thoughts energy couple with faith, believe and desire?

  30. i believe it’s must harder than it sounds when life doesn’t treat you the way it should…

  31. Christine Elsa says:

    Thank you.Your message really helps and encourages me everyday not to give up on my dreams.

  32. Greetings John,
    Thank you for all of the tools imbedded in your emails. I call them tools because they require someone to operate them in order to be of any value. Knowledge without application is of no immediate value. I have overcome a 30 year affliction as a direct result of believing i could, and taking the necessary steps to live in the Law of attraction. What I have learned is that in order to achieve all that I believe I must live in the same state of mind in every area of my life, which is easier in some areas, yet difficult in others. The bottom line in my lifes experience has been, that if I start with the end in mind, fall in love with the very thing I wish to achieve, believe that I have already have it, and take action, I always succeed.
    I have to leave you with this. I am 49 years old, just had a newborn son on July 1, 2010.
    After I quit smokine cigarettes in January of this year (this is not the 30 yr affliction i was referring to but I did smoke for 35 years) food became a replacement and i am currently 335 lbs. (gained 85 lbs. since Jan.) I want to be here for my sons 40th birthday, and i am pretty confident that the odds in that happening are very slim, unless i improve my health.
    So now i find myself in a very uncomfortable position. I still think of food as sex, fun, & rock and roll. I’m writing this to you in order to make it true to me, that food is to sustain life and not an event.Today, 09-22-2010 I am committing to making a change, to see myself at 200 lbs. carrying my son, playing catch in the park, wrestling with him in the grass, screaming out thats my boy when he graduates high school, and being present at his wedding. I want to be there for my son. My dad past away when I was 16, my mom when i was 44, I miss both of them terribly. John, may you continue to be blessed as I know you are for the many blessings that I’m certain you have created through your continued delivery of solid, life changing tools, and the direction on how to apply them.

  33. hi my name is noor im a 26 year old women from sweden, im positive and really ambitious,
    but what do i do if my surrounding is negative 2 a point that really makes your life missurable.
    i cant just runn away the bad surroundig is my family. i need help

  34. Noor_majid84 says:

    i would really like you 2 contacct me mr assaraf. because evrything is faling appart

  35. this was just what i needed to get me off my lazy butt!!!

  36. thanks john
    for your help and insite to help me get myself motivated and use the tool’s we are born
    with .i belive i will achive my goal’s with the asistance of your DVD’s on brain wave
    trainning systems so one of my goal’s will be to thank you in person for your
    insperation and insites in how our minds work .

  37. yes that’s correct…many people watch the secret and think all they have to do is merely put the intention out there of what they want and somehow it’s just going to show up? Wrong!

    It takes consistent massive action on a daily basis combined with the intetion, desire, and all the things you name in your article.

    laziness gets people nowhere….period….and that’s the problem with many many people these days…they are lazy…don’t want to do the work….they want something for nothing and it doesn’t work that way….never has and never will.

    This is the part that people don’t get…oh you mean im actually going to have to do something?…..well then this “law of attraction stuff isn’t for me then” and so be it…go back to being broke with you dead end job…

    That’s what I say!


  38. My sister used to have a weight problem, now she’s skinny. I just realized today that every time she uses her computer she sits in front of a life-size cardboard cut-out of a really skinny body with her head on it, which friends of hers made for fun years ago.

  39. George Gennett says:

    does this work like the law of Intent? cause right now I’m disabled and can’t work as I would like to andI’m happily married for 30 yrs. what I need is to stay health enough to spend time with Sarah, my 1yr old Grandaughter. Because what I have is terminal. So I’m relying on the power of intent and reiki…..Your thought’s?

  40. Walter Ranville says:

    Thank you John. Really appreciate your emails. The Universe needs more guys like you and I will be (am) with you. If all goes well, I am ordering your “Having It All” program today.

  41. Camil Frederick says:

    you say you like to have comments, well here is mine:
    1- your article is supposed to be about action, and yet the action you propose (the vision board) is in itself another form of visualization.
    2- I theorize that the Law of Attraction is self-sufficient, in the sense that if you visualize and believe in your outcome, then the action will come of itself because you will be inspired to act. Acting for the sake of acting, on the contrary, could lead to premature actions that are ill-inspired, and get in the way of the real inspiration that is trying to make its way in. By the way, where is it stated in the Law of Attraction that you’re supposed to work at doing the attracting yourself? I have been reading this all over the place recently, but I don’t think it is theoretically sound!

  42. Stevie Dixon says:

    Hi John
    I have tha very same item on my shopping list on As soon as the funds are available it will be on its way to me.


    Stevie Dixon, London England

  43. Therese (Terry) says:

    Dear John,
    I have a vision of the business that I want, but I need some advice as to what do I do or how do I act to get what I want. I am starting from nothing!

  44. Richard Morosini says:

    John: I bought your book The Answer and tried to get the CD subliminal disc but no response.That was 6 months ago. I want to see if you really read your e-mail.

    San Diego

  45. Hello John,
    I first read about you in the book “The Secret”. Though I had heard about the LOA earlier, I was unable to grasp its power. In fact, I made my first million without properly understanding the Law of Attraction. (I had simply followed THINK AND GROW RICH without a deep understanding of the 17 principles) Then I started applying it in my life – and since then, I have started realizing all my dreams.
    I have downloaded your interviews and teleseminars – wherever downoad was available – and I replay them often. Recently I saw your house in one of the videos
    And yes, procrastinator was my other name, but not anymore.
    Thanks for your newsletters and videos.

    Shankar, India

  46. John, I am seeing and believing all of my goals and dreams. I have taken that step and opened the door. YOU ARE ONE OF THEM. To guide and inspire and keep me on the right road of acquiring my super prosperous life with my confidence and certainty.
    I am on the B part of your Brain Training. I am excited to hear the next part.

  47. How do you help 52 million people who live in poverty?

    News reports are out saying that in 2009 the poverty rate “skyrocketed” to 43.6 million – up from 39.8 million in 2008, which is the largest year-to-year increase, and the highest number since statistics have been recorded – putting the poverty rate for 2009 at 14.3 percent. This is obviously a tragedy and horrific news. However, this is blatant propaganda.

    Let’s revisit the 2008 Census total stating that 39.8 million Americans lived in poverty. It turns out that the National Academy of Science did its own study and found that 47.4 million Americans actually lived in poverty in 2008. The Census missed 7.6 million Americans living in poverty that year.

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    Now let’s look at the poverty line that these numbers are based on: $22,050 for a family of four. Let me repeat that: $22,050 for a family of four. That breaks down to $5513 per person, per year. I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine living in the United States on $459 per month. That amount will barely get you a good health insurance policy, never mind food, clothes and a roof over your head. No wonder why a record 50.7 million Americans do not have health insurance. (Beware: 50.7 million Americans without health insurance is a government-based number. If you had health insurance for only one day last year, you are not counted in this total.)

    Clearly, the Census is setting the income level for their poverty measurement extremely low, and if you increase that measure by just a small increment, to $25,000 for a family of four, you are now looking at nearly 100 million Americans in poverty.

    Let’s also consider the staggering amount of Americans – 52 million, roughly 17% of the population – who are currently enrolled in “anti-poverty” programs. Over 50 million are on Medicaid, 41 million are on food stamps, 10 million are on unemployment, 4.4 million receive welfare. Not counted in this “anti-poverty” total are 30 million children enrolled in the National School Lunch Program. Another metric: if it wasn’t for Social Security – note to deficit hawks – 20 million more would be added to the poverty total.

    The effect of people moving in with family members instead of living on their own has further masked the severity of the poverty crisis. Foreclosures, unemployment, increased cost of education and health insurance have led the average household to grow in size.

  48. John Soriano says:

    Great information and reminder John. In “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles, this is focused in on in two chapters. Thanks for getting the word out and helping the masses understand the real use of the Law.

  49. Hey!!! We want some more miracle stories like this one. We were amazed when saw the dream home story in the Secret.But now, again and again I am getting bored by this one. Tell us more inspiring stories like this one!

  50. Hervenadeau says:

    Secret, secret, secret…that is the word most used to help explain something that we are eternally connected to. There really is not any secret and to think that there is one distances an individual from what this word is used to identify. To identify and describe what it is that we are bathed in has the tendency to alienate us from it. We are not separate from it…we are it. Everything in it is it…without separateness. We merely have to live into it, as we do, even if we think of it as separate from us. Separateness is an illusion that we have been living in when we came to believe that when we thought of our selves having dominion over all things, we must be separate from it. We affect it as we go beyond thinking about it…in being it. Letting go of the conditioning that we are separate from all that is to a knowing that we are eternally connected to all that surrounds us is what is necessary to live the dream that most of us have dismissed as separate from us. Be-li(e)ve in what you dream as your ultimate experience is…as that dream is connected to all that is. Namaste

  51. é muito bom seu artigo, mais é preciso sentir alegria, amor, as melhores vibrações para que a visualização e a ação aconteça.

  52. LUV LOVE your vision boards…Thank you but ENOUGH already with the same story…I have been involved with the self emprovement era for years and want something NEW from you JOHN you are a legend and I want more new creative endeavors from your mastery!!! Thank you,

  53. Love your work John! I’m continually trying to follow these steps but I have a problem knowing where to start to take action….what do you do in that case…when you just dont know HOW to start? I constantly visualise, make goals in present tense, practice meditation and gratitude…but I just dont know HOW to start in the field of my desired career….? Do you wait for the answers to come….should it come from a place of inspiration……where does the action start if you don’t know what action to take?

  54. Thank you John, THANK YOU! 🙂

  55. Christine Holroyd says:

    John, thank you so much for these short, but informative posts. Talking of vision boards, a few weeks ago I read the description & saw pics of a home up for auction and it is EXACTLY what I have written in my own description for a home so I have started a vision board with the newspaper clippings.

    I checked in with the Real Estate agent and the home had been ‘passed in’ and negotiations were taking place. I wanted to go and view the home, but the owners are being very steadfast in the amount they want and they won’t see anyone that isn’t prepared to meet their 1.75 million AUD price tag. Currently, it is out of my reach financially, but I just know that the ‘how’ of obtaining this place is not important. It’s mine. NOW!

  56. I agree 100% with acting along with setting your goals. However, there are many times I become frusrated because I go full speed ahead with the “acting” and I get nothing in return. Perhaps I should revisit my true visions of what I really want; maybe what I think I want isn’t what is meant for me.

  57. I woke up this morning feeling a bit unclear on my goals for the day, not sure what I should do. I love how The Universe always acts fast with an answer! Before I even got out of bed my phone was flashing with this post! Time to get up and act! I was actually even wondering why I felt so energized thismorning. I have the vision. I have the inspired ideas.I’ve even been blessed with an extra measure of energy. Time to get up, put on my “overalls” and make it happen! Thanks John for sharing!!!

  58. Thank you for the wonderful post John! It so good to learn all the stuff from you guys. I live a life totally changed!

  59. Lee Ann says:

    Hi John,
    Regarding “If you’re going to be praying for potatoes, you better have a hoe ready.”
    I’ve been visualizing my dream car. it’ a very specific car and when I first sat in her I knew she was meant to be mine.

    I am negotiating a few deals that will allow me to have her in due time. Do I just keep visualizing signing the papers, shaking hands with the sales person, smiling from ear to ear (though that’s an actual response), being handed the key, sitting in the driver’s seat, starting the engine, reversing her out of the showroom, pulling up to a hotel, showing my best friend, going to meetings and so forth?

    Is there another step that I should include? Or am I good? (This is my baby John! And I am meant to have her)

    Lee Ann


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