Train Your Brain: The Neuroscience of Financial Success

NeuroscienceMastering your brain will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. I am going to show you the inside mental game you need to have, not the business actions you need to take in this blog series. You already know things you should be doing to make more money, but you’re not doing them. It’s not a matter of your desires, it’s a matter of your conditioned mind and the power it has over you. You need to program your brain for success—a process called brain entrainment.

If you want to know what is currently programmed about money at the non-conscious level of your brain right now, just look at your current income and financial situation.

If aren’t happy with your current financial status, think about this magical formula:

Information + Experiences x Repetition = Beliefs


Beliefs + Experiences x Repetition = Habits

Your habits cause you to do and see only that which supports the internal beliefs and habits you currently have. Our internal neural pathways seek out patterns and information that are the same and match up in the physical world. The outside world matching our internal image is our comfort zone.

Your internal mental picture—your current conditioned mind—will not see or allow you to behave for too long, in ways that support your desired financial goals unless you change the inside belief and habit first.

The biggest problem people face is that everyone tries to alter behavior instead of altering the cause of behavior, which is our internal beliefs and “mental thermostat.” You have to first change your financial thermostat.

If you do not alter your internal belief about money, and about your ability to earn more, your internal mental systems will not allow you to consistently see or act in accordance with what you want to achieve. They will force you to consistently achieve the same income year in and year out. If you want to soar to the next level of financial success, stay tuned for next week’s blog.



  1. Cannot wait to have the resources to engage in one of your programs!

    • Tavares Mills says:

      You already have the resources. The question is how can you release more than enough resource, so you can engage in this program and live the life of your dreams.

  2. Tague1979 says:

    What about people with head injuries and problems after brain surgery??

  3. i know i should but i dont so how do i , if acting is the behavour of the thought then how do i change it?

  4. Aloha John,

    I love how you outlined this post. The Magic formula is the key: Information + Experiences x Repetition = Beliefs; Beliefs + Experiences x Repetition = Habits. Thank you so much for all of the valuable information you are giving on your blog.

    Kellie 🙂

  5. Hi John,

    Great stuff here.

    Your behaviors change according to your beliefs. Even if you think and feel that your belief system has changed you can find instant evidence if it has or hasn’t: your results. If you aren’t happy with your results there’s some reprogramming that needs to be done and it starts with changing the dial on the “mental thermostat” that you mention.

    Thanks for sharing your insight!


  6. DestinyHope says:

    Great Stuff:
    Being slack with experiences and knowledge without repetition turns our brains to mush. It is so true what you said below, “You already know things that you should be doing to make more money,but you are not doing them, why? Good question. Maybe because I’ve always had a good overview but didn’t get to grow because of circumstance. What you’re saying John, rings true to my ears. And I want my mind back!

  7. I am so looking forward to your Webinar!!! I am; we are, on the edge of losing everything, I; we, need all the help I; we, can get. I believe in and practice the things I have learned from “The Secret”, and “The Power”, but I am not getting the results that I desire and most of the time feel I; we, deserve. I can’t find a job, my husband can’t find a job and he just graduated from Devry. I am truly trying to stay positive!!!!

  8. thank u so much 4 sharing dis great stuffs with us.
    … i really cant wait 4 nxt week’s blog.

  9. Well said ~I too am so excited for the opportunity to engage in your program!

  10. Thanks John, seems to be the key reminder I for me today. Clear out and change those old limiting beliefs!!

  11. Ericwebb2012 says:

    I wished I could just hit the DELETE button on my old subconscious negative beliefs, and just pop in a new CD of fresh mental programming into my mind. Empowering beliefs on money, success and other issues in my life. So tired of being held prisoner by old beliefs that are holding me back from my greater potential…   Eric

  12. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could reset our financial mindset? But to enjoy the outcome we must do this process consciously, nothing happens overnight. Awareness will prevail if we let it. Thanks John.
    Luis Toro
    “Live In The NOW”

  13. Do you have any tips for completely re-framing our brains?

  14. wery Nise all
    I love You John

  15. Alan Duran says:

    Hello I would love for John to read this, However, Im sure he is a very busy man, however ill give this a try, my name is Alan Duran Monroy, I am 25 years old, originally from Mexico, However lived in Arizona for 10 years, I went to High School and some College up there, I am fluent in English and Spanish, I finished my bachelors in International Marketing,I have had alot of Problems in my life with MONEY, thats my hugest problem I try look for new Ideas, I work for little pay due to the Economy in Mexico< cheap labor, My biggest desire in Life is money, I want it, I have applied all the rules of the Secret. Actually before I ever saw or read the book, ever since I can recall I have been a Dreamer, always imagening success, money, diferent lifestyle, traveling, dreaming, and I am at a place right now, where I have gotten tired of dreaming all the time, It seams its taking me further away, I love Commerce I am a internet freak that loves to research in internet pages all over the globe thinking of where I could sell what or where I could make money of importing and exporting. However I am unemployed at the moment, I have a daughter with a Rich girl that left me because I have no money, I am dissapointed in life, I dont know what to do, I wish I could find some that would want to invest in my projects. Or find some kind of loan that would help me start my own company….

  16. Macfolab says:

    B-) Superb! With all am getting from your blog, my life will never remain the same: i give myself just 3-months to effect the positive change. Cheers

  17. Mybzness1169 says:

    John, thanks so much for these reminders of affirmations.  You and your work has been an inspiration to me for about 6 years (since I discovered and used The Secret).

    I’m a believer and am very appreciative and grateful.

    Amy Buchanan
    El Cajon, CA  

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  21. Fred Blakely says:

    I have been listening to your cd’s and reading your material on Having It All, and in there it talks about neuroreconditioning.
    I have had no success in finding cd’s on neuroreconditioning on line or in the stores.
    Can you help me out with this.
    I have cognitive issues and am hoping that this will help..

    Fred Blakely

  22. Ana Carolina says:

    Hello John Assaraf

    I am Brazilian, I have 25 years and I need help because I can not put “The Secret” into practice in my life.
    Get animated for a while with the possibility of it being carried out what I want, but then things do not happen, and I’m discouraged again. I’ve tried this several times and I’ve thought of giving up because I think that it doesn’t really work, but would really like that right. It seems that negative thoughts and doubts always end up winning.
    I dating a person to 4 years but my family did not approve and would like guidance on what to do. The questions are many, and I would like to know how to do in this case, because I do not know if he is the right person for me. In the book you say that we should never be in doubt about anything in life, but as I ask? Which request do to the universe when one has doubt about something? The universe can actually show us what is the right decision?
    Thank you for your attention.
    Sorry for the typos.

    Ana Carolina

  23. Mayangreenberg says:

    Thank you jon for all this :-)im lerning and using the knoledg in my ” positive thinking” class in jerusalem training my sellf and israeli freands we love you hear , you are the greatest,,
    All what you taech is in the tora and the rabi lubavitch could be praud of you

  24. Jaime Napoles says:

    hola jhon la informacion que compartes en tu blog practicamente es oro molido muchas gracias .

  25. John

    Just reading the first few lines gave me a wake-up call, unbelievable formula you when that is exactly why we find ourselves stuck!
    Thanks so much John, can’t wait to review the resources!