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Inspiring Greatness from the Inside Out

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John Assaraf, is a powerful keynote speaker with a captivating and engaging style who shares his latest brain research and message of hope and success to transform and motivate your audience to Maximum Performance and unparalleled Results.

For more than 30 years, John has studied the inner game of what holds people back from achieving their best and the internal driving forces that create maximum success. He is a master of teaching these “Evidence Based” insights to help people release whatever is holding them back and shows them how to quickly make the internal shifts needed to achieve their goals and dreams.

John brings these critical insights to your audience in a way that is mesmerizing, relevant, fun and highly applicable in everyday life and business.

John’s MOTIVE-ACTION presentations are the definitive method in helping people create breakthrough results in everything they do- His Neuroscience based presentations will have everyone feeling that they can achieve enormous success at work and home by using the latest brain secrets to propel them forward.

Whether you hire John for one hour or one day, here is a glimpse of some the things you can expect your audience to learn:

  • DISCOVER their true inner power, and how use their inner genius to create amazing results
  • LET GO of past conditions, circumstances, and beliefs that hold them back from being their best
  • TRANSITION from where they are to where they want to be effectively and easily
  • FOCUS like a laser using proven techniques to zero in on achieving specific goals and objectives
  • VISUALIZE precise outcomes using specific techniques to maximize their brains innate ability
  • MASTER the key disciplines required to reduce stress, overwhelm and procrastination.

Speaking Topics Include:

Mastering Your Mindset

According to the latest brain research, achieving success is attributed mostly to how we are hard-wired by our genetics and childhood conditioning. In this provocative and life transforming keynote or workshop John will engage and dazzle your audience with cutting-edge brain research that will positively transform their perceptions and beliefs about what they can achieve. Read More


How is it that you can teach a salesperson what to say and how to say it, which objections to address and even have them do it- yet their sales results increase incrementally or not at all? Read More

The Science of Business Growth and Success

Achieving higher levels of success in businesses requires a different way of thinking, planning and strategizing. In this keynote or workshop, John will reveal a SmartGrowth™ process that has helped thousands of business owners worldwide increase sales, revenues and profits. Read More

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Hear what past attendees have to say…

“John, your program absolutely works! I followed the principles you teach and immediately achieved the success I desired and believed I could achieve: $1 million increase to my net worth in less than one month! Thanks so much for helping me re-focus, re-charge the will to succeed, and for supplying me with the tools to do so in one week! This is the best program I’ve ever seen!”

Scott Endsley
Lawyer and National Triathlon Champion

“I debated for many weeks about flying all the way from London to attend your workshop in California – I had many ‘stories’ in my head about why I shouldn’t attend around lack of time, money and whether or not I would learn anything new. I needn’t have worried! Within five weeks of my return to London I signed up an additional $720,000 of new business …”

Tracey Carr
Managing Dir., Eve-olution Ltd., London

“I have had the great fortune of working with and learning from the best speakers/authors in the world (Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Les Brown, Bob Proctor). None has had a more profound impact on my career than John Assaraf.

By applying these principles I was able to take on a new position as National Director of Sales Operations, running a department with 150 people nationwide.

Greg Rex, CEO/Founder

“Within nine months of meeting and working with John, I doubled my income from the previous year. Within the next six months after that, I’ve doubled it again!”

Michelle Price
Internet Consultant, San Diego

“John’s program inspired to make several key changes in my life and career. One helped me break a long-standing record for best month in sales for one of my businesses-just 60 days after the event! I highly recommend it to anyone serious about their own success and living a fabulous life.”

Bob Scheinfeld Bestselling author of The Invisible Path to Success and The 11th Element

“After more than a decade in private practice, this program finally provided the ‘missing link’ for me to effect much faster change in my patients-and myself!

It was like I had been driving around in a Pinto and John gave me a Lamborghini.

I have attended other workshops, and, in fact, I’m scheduled to attend another “personal development” workshop later this summer. Of all that I have attended, including the one I will be going to later this summer (which I have attended before), I honestly believe that John’s workshop will be the singularly most impactful one I have or will ever attend.”

Louis B. Cady, MD – Child and Adult Forensic Psychiatrist, speaker, writer and consultant

“After going though John’s program, we have tripled our monthly sales and are on track to explode our business beyond what we thought possible. I must say: This stuff works!! The program has paid for itself over 10 fold and will continue to as every day passes. Thanks, John, for helping us achieve what we only thought was a dream.

Brian & Paul Claypool, Johnson Air Mechanical

“After completing the program I finally understood why the self-help mindset work I have been doing for the past two years has not stuck. I was finding myself frustrated and needing to be in a workshop for a boost every few months. I can’t wait to implement all of the tools I learned. I can tell that this is just what I have been searching for to change my mind for the better permanently.”

Kim Howard

“I learned how harness and take advantage of my brain and the powers of the universe.”

Marc Abbink, Network marketer, Tehachapi, California

“I walked out of this seminar with plans implemented and the absolute knowledge that this is something that will be with me for life!”

Lee Lefebure, Business Owner, San Diego

“I now have a clear, precise and focused plan for fulfilling my most ambitious dreams and desires!”

Gwen Field, Movie Producer, Beverley Hills, California

“This is the only personal growth seminar I’ve attended that didn’t involve ‘feeling the pain’ and lots of tissue boxes!”

John Stange, Real Estate Investor, Durham, North Carolina

“I really understand that I have wonderful gifts in me that will take me absolutely anywhere I want to go!”

Paul Johnson, HVAC contractor, San Diego

“For the first time I’m leaving a seminar with the knowledge of what to do!”

Efren De Gortari, Technical Translator, Houston

“John’s sterling character set the tone. What a wonderful experience!”

Jainarayn Singh

“This was a great experience, now I know there is a great future in store!”

Betty Ann Levesque

“John is very down to earth, there was no feeling of I’m up here and you’re down there.”

Michael Madore

“I enjoyed the energy, and the way John opens up his life to us.”

Blake Livingston

“I’ve learned more about myself in the past few days then I ever thought possible.”

Jean Dobbin

“I know without a doubt this will work for me, I’m committed to implementing this into my life!”

Albert Dobbin

“Unbelievable! John has contagious passion and incredible content!”

Sharon Lowell

“I want to tell all the people I love to go through this seminar… Powerful stuff!”

Stephan Renaud

“I am 63 years old. I wish I had learned all this 50 years ago!”

Raymond Renaud

“John’s seminar had great integration of the facts and the research in brain and neural science.”

Steve Winn

“As I begin with my new energy I will bookmark this weekend as a life altering experience.”

Bill McGrath

“John is a dynamic and entertaining speaker that walks the talk!”

Jo Cavanaugh

“John gives application; he doesn’t pump you up and then send you home with nothing.”

Alicia Sabo

“I’ve learned the knowledge of the infinite power of the mind and what it can manifest.”

Mariea Hackley

“The knowledge John imports and the tools he employs and teaches are at the top of the peak!”

Catherine Hallock

“John’s presentation was excellent, genuine, unreserved and open!”

Michael Adamson

“John, you have delivered this clear and concise!”

Monica Del Muro

“I want to thank you for your ideas and support. Since we’ve instituted your basic instructions our product sales have more than doubled. Wow! I hope we can reconnect soon.”

Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa

“Wow… How can I put into words the impact that the workshop has had on me? I am finally able to see why I have sabotaged myself for so many years. The beautiful thing is I now know for sure how to change these self-defeating behaviors! I can say with conviction that this workshop is a quantum leap ahead of the rest.”

Rino Soriano, Holistic Wellness Consultant

“Within one week after your last workshop, the Today Show called and booked me. I guess that what happens when I started “scanning” for opportunities to make $50,000 a day.”

Bart Baggett, President of HandwritingUniversity.com

“The simplicity, clarity and message of your materials and passion-filled presentation are irresistible to anyone willing to use them. The way you have brought together all these elements to make a stunning and unmistakable statement immediately applicable to the lives of people everywhere is yet another vital step forward in changing our world. To top it off, the process is painless and fun.”

Barbara McRae