Success Stories

Is it really possible to Re-Train your own brain to help you achieve significantly more income and a better life that is free from fears, unwanted stress and insecurities? Watch these videos to learn exactly how they did it.

This is how “Winning the Game of Money” worked for NeuroGym client Vicki Higgins:

Before Retraining Her Brain:

  • $30,000 in debt
  • Confidence and certainty were shattered after several failed businesses
  • Thought she was “stuck”
  • Played it safe, didn’t take risks
  • Dealing with emotional pain from a recent relationship breakup
  • Felt like her financial and lifestyle goals were out of reach

Results After:

  • Started thinking differently and regained her confidence and certainty
  • Paid off debt in 30 days
  • Increased personal income by $50,000
  • Started writing books, speaking/keynotes/coaching business
  • Grew employer’s revenues by more than 25% from $4 million to over $5 million
  • Currently pursuing her dream of producing events with world-renowned people
  • Expects to earn $500,000–$700,000 net in 2013
  • She now has total freedom, fulfillment and control over her future!

“Winning the Game of Money” Helped Reuben Gonzalez Changed Save His Business and His Family

Before Retraining His Brain:

  • Economic downturn nearly destroyed his business
  • On the brink of bankruptcy
  • Stress was pervasive among employees and family
  • People did not like to be around him
  • Felt like a failure and was making bad decisions
  • Didn’t trust his judgment and had lost self-confidence

Results After:

  • Family, friends and employees noticed a major difference in his attitude
  • Business revenues increased over 100% in 2012 from $400,000 to $900,000
  • Vacationed in Hawaii, Caribbean and San Diego
  • Purchased a new car
  • His wife loves the positive changes and their marriage is stronger
  • He has total freedom, fulfillment and control over his future!

“Winning the Game of Money” Helped Scott Cartwright Discover the Confidence to Launch a New Business and a New Life

Before Retraining His Brain:

  • Was a hospital administrator making $75,000 per year
  • Was afraid of going out on his own
  • Liked the security of his job
  • Wife was in medical school and wasn’t earning any income
  • Never had enough money
  • Wasn’t feeling satisfied in his career

Results After:

  • Started his own business and expects to earn $500,000 in 2013
  • Is now his own boss, with less stress and more time off
  • Taking a vacation in Costa Rica
  • Purchased a new car
  • Totally changed his beliefs about himself
  • Taking consistent action now
  • Feels more confident and certain than ever before
  • Has total freedom, fulfillment and control over his future

“Winning the Game of Money” Helped Niki Weiss Increase Her Income and Pay for Her Children to Attend College

Before Retraining Her Brain:

  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) tendencies
  • Overwhelmed by life’s obligations
  • Diminished levels of self-confidence and certainty
  • Three kids who wanted to go to college
  • Husband was unemployed and she only earned $40,000 a year
  • Financial pressure was causing stress in her relationships
  • Fearful of her family’s future

Results After:

  • Found a new job earning $130,000—an increase of over 300%!
  • Also started her own business
  • Now able to afford college tuition for her children
  • Her self-confidence and certainty have soared
  • Bought a new car
  • Spent Christmas in France and New Year’s on the beach with friends and family
  • Has total freedom, fulfillment and control over her future!

More Success Stories

Desmond Sim John Assaraf is simply awesome in his work on the mind, research and entrepreneurship. The way he links it all together makes it seem so non-overwhelming and simply amazing. I personally choose John Assaraf as my role model for learning and growth. I would offer his assistance to any of my clients and students.

Scott Morris I’ve told this to Mr. Assaraf before, but the “Cloning Of Success” absolutely changed my life. I watched The Secret, over and over again. Tried to think positive. I read various books by great men, downloaded audio books, e-books, attended seminars, and just figured the universe was not on my side. I watched the “Cloning Of Success” and after the first time watching it, my life changed. I began to study it, pick the videos apart, I stared creating rituals. I followed John step by step, word by word and amazing events seemed to fall in my lap.

Before I found this program, my business failed. I had a wonderful concept, everyone seemed to love it, but I just ran into roadblock after roadblock. My business partner left me, I was bitten by a recluse spider and almost died, my apartment was broken into, then I lost it all together and went homeless. After applying these principles, my company is flourishing and I am well on my way to earning millions, the people I am connecting with are amazing, I’m preparing to buy land to build my first home, I’m preparing to launch a second company, I am also finishing my very first book.

Richard Booth There’s not a day goes by where I don’t think of self improvement. I want the best and I want to learn from the best. Of course you need one to get the other so when I hear John talk what I feel is – here is someone who can help…He has the track record in business and the communication skills combined with a passion that inspires and that’s the magic. The power of a man’s convictions and the way we humans process truth, it resonates deep within us and that gives us some of the power they have spent years developing.

We still have to develop those habits ourselves but here’s the thing – John show’s you the way to be, and if you take the time to listen and absorb this man’s words something WILL change. ALL you have to do is be AWARE. That’s a skill unto itself and developing awareness is a part of wealth creation but John really is the spark that will light that fire within and once it’s burning it ain’t going out. Thanks for sharing.

Camelia Apostol A very important thing I learned since I doing John’s programs, I learned more about how to remove some incredible obstacles in my own life. Like the first step I took was to eliminate some relationships from my life that I realized that were blocking my path. So that the quality and the depth of my true friendships is increased, as the quantity of my convenience friends diminished. John, I am so grateful to you!

Deena Ortiz I have been mentored by John Assaraf for the past year as a Gold member of NeuroGym. I must say that membership in this community is well worth the fee. The mentoring is top notch, and the science behind the programs is cutting edge. I teach youths between the ages of 14 and 17. One of the books I have them read is THE ANSWER. It is usually their first introduction to the power of thought. We have had some amazing colloquia about this book, and I expect that these kids will continue to investigate and harness the power of their minds. I highly recommend Mr. Assaraf’s books and brain-training programs as well as joining the NeuroGym community. ~Deena Ortiz~ Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Jason Qunell I’ve really been stuck in my life for several years. I’ve finally started walking away from the crossroads, having been introduced to NeuroGym (John’s website). There is such a wealth of eye opening information at our disposal on the website and in the online communities. The expert interviews and webinars are amazing. I think one of the biggest things I’ve learned (so far) is how important it is to share this journey with someone.
Not necessarily with a spouse or significant other (though it’s probably a great way to experience NeuroGym), but for a single adult like me, it’s important to have an ongoing dialog with someone else who is taking the same journey. We of course call them Accountability Partners…who can support and encourage us when we’re feeling stuck…or call each other out, when being lazy or slipping from the formula/routine. It’s been a very important step for my brain training, and for stepping up my overall game in life.

Silvia Love I teach people to persist in going after what they want so, it only naturally makes sense for me to do this again! 🙂 One of the reasons why John is one of the best in his field is because what you see is not what you get… he is much more. He has a grand vision in mind of helping people acquire success the way he has created it… from scratch! He teaches it step by step so that everyone can understand that they can create what he has created. He is transparent in his work so that everyone also can relate to him on many levels.
Personally, I have attended seminars and saw various ways of the expert industry. John stands out. He treats people with outmost respect and kindness. I have a degree in psychology and am an avid business-woman, so when I see such talent, I like to give it its due respect. Please take a look at my other review because it probably fits the criteria better… This one is really not about me but about him. I give him ***** a five star review. Silvia

Fabian Fane Via, Vision Boards, or the 5 FREE VIDEOS you given us on NeuroScience of Wealth…. I’m an African American male born in poverty but your lessons has helped inspire me to a greater awareness about myself and environment. I truly appreciate you and all the material you teach to help other.

Sawsan Assi I am truly grateful for you John. You are positive and this is contagious, you seek to create a Better world and happier healthier nations. Having the chance to try Winning the Game of Money program and watching all the free videos have given me a new perspective on life. My mind is always busy in working out solutions instead of sinking and talking about problems. I am not finished yet with the program but it has affected my inner feelings. It made me calmer and more focused and after all it helped me confront my fears to a great extent which i have never thought of before. And eventually, this program pushed me to take actions towards my goals. Big Big Thank you….

Dawn Marie Hi John! I cannot begin to tell you how this work has rocked my world. I just got back from an event that my husband and I put on for people to begin to change their thoughts so that they can begin to change their lives, because we believe in the work so much. After learning techniques that you teach, I was able to gain a 40% income increase, I got remarried after being widowed for 13 years, I have mended broken relationships w/people in my life and improve others that required more love and attention, I was able to manifest $10k in 6 weeks with dream boards and visualization and we are about to start our second foundation to help those who are less fortunate. All of this, and I have only just begun.