7th Annual Brain-A-Thon

Unlock Your Brain’s Hidden Power
and Achieve Your Goals and Dreams...
Faster and Easier Than Ever Before

Unlock Your Brain’s Hidden Power
and Achieve Your Goals and Dreams...

Faster and Easier Than Ever Before

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Exercise Meets INNERCISE TM

In the 1950s and ’60s, Jack Lalanne revolutionized the physical fitness and health industry by promoting and teaching exercise and nutrition.

Today, we complete the fitness revolution with INNERCISE TM—a comprehensive guide to simple science-based mental and emotional techniques to strengthen your mindset and unlock the hidden power of your brain.


What You’ll Discover in this Book:

A revolutionary process using technology and evidence-based methods that will ignite and unleash your brain’s hidden power and show you the fastest path to maximizing your fullest potential, so you can achieve your greatest victories and success.

In this groundbreaking book, you will discover the most advanced, cutting edge tools and techniques to:

  • Recognize and release any mental or emotional obstacle that is holding you back from achieving your biggest goals and dreams
  • Gain unstoppable self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Train the “genius” part of your brain to focus on exactly how you will achieve your goals versus why you can’t
  • Eliminate any “inner” blocks such as fear of failing, being embarrassed, ashamed or judged
  • Enjoy a life filled with more significance, purpose and meaning
  • Turn any fear into your fuel for success
  • Rescript and reshape your self-image into an empowered successful person

Sneak Peak Inside:

  • How your brain’s two core priorities are making it hard for you to achieve your goals pg. 17
  • Why the new scientific research shows that trying harder and working longer is not the key to seeing lasting results and transforming your life pg. 30
  • A simple technique to eliminate stress, anxiety, self-doubt and fear pg. 32
  • How to flip on your neuroplasticity switch to develop new empowering beliefs and habits pg. 42
  • A simple INNERCISE TM that will quickly increase your mental and emotional control by 100% pg. 53
  • Why simply setting goals will only get you 25% of the way (and what you must do to finish the other 75%) pg. 75
  • How to recognize and eliminate any limiting belief or disempowering habit pg. 94
  • Turn any fear into your fuel for success pg. 109
  • Why your beliefs shape your reality and how to create powerful new ones pg. 135
  • Tapping into your creative brain to achieve more success pg. 143
  • Change your money story so you earn more income and start living the lifestyle of your dreams pg. 154
  • How to turn stress into your strength for achieving more success pg. 164
  • Simple ways to calm your mind and release any anxiety or overwhelm pg. 178
  • Transform your negativity into positivity and productivity pg. 186
  • Turn on your Einstein brain and turn off your Frankenstein brain pg. 190
  • The 4R process to gain total control and personal power pg. 199
  • Creating brain friendly goals that you will actually achieve pg. 209
  • The STT process that will simplify achieving any goal you have pg. 235
  • Develop daily rituals that will empower you to perform at your peak pg. 241
  • How to deliberately and consciously evolve into the best version of yourself possible pg. 266

What Brain Experts are Saying About INNERCISE TM

"Very few books can transform cutting-edge neuroscience into easy, practical strategies that will actually enhance the functioning of your brain in ways that will help you to master your thoughts and emotions so that you can achieve any goal you desire. INNERCISE TM does just that: brilliant, powerful, and easy to apply to every part of your life!”

Mark Waldman, Brain Researcher & Executive MBA Faculty, Loyola Marymount University

INNERCISE TM is an engaging, informed, and systematic guide to catalyze mind/brain self-discovery and transformation. John masterfully integrates and simplifies complex processes to help you train your brain for achieving greater success.”

David Krueger MD, Psychiatrist, Author, & Executive Mentor Coach

INNERCISE TM is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in taking their life to the next level. John Assaraf has taken complex neuroscience concepts and broken them down in such a way that they are not only easy to understand - more importantly they are easy to apply. Readers will be thrilled with the practical roadmap John has laid out - a step-by-step approach to achieving the goals and creating the lives they dream about.”

Dr. Joan Rosenberg, Professor of Psychology, Pepperdine University, bestselling author of Ease Your Anxiety

" INNERCISE TM provides essential information and terrific brain training techniques for keeping your inner brain and outer mind focused on achieving your goals.”

Dr. Andrew Newberg, Neuroscientist & Author of How Enlightenment Changes Your Brain


“John has a gift for making science accessible. In INNERCISE TM he breaks down the practical steps with which you can transform your brain to achieve the results you want in your life!”

Daniel Friedland MD, CEO of SuperSmartHealth, Author of Leading Well from Within

INNERCISE TM is filled with many tools you can use today to boost your brain.”

Dr. Daniel Amen, Brain Expert, Founder of Amen Clinics, & Author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

“Cutting-edge techniques to maximize your fullest potential.”

Dr. Srini Pillay, Harvard Psychiatrist and Brain Expert

"Only through daily INNERCISE TM can we create the sustainable habits necessary to transform the stress in our lives to fuel positive change."

Heidi Hanna, PhD, NY Times bestselling author and Executive Director of the American Institute of Stress



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Reach Your Life's Goals and Dreams, Faster & Easier than Ever Before

INNERCISE TM is a proven process utilizing the new science of neuroplasticity to strengthen your mindset and upgrade your mental and emotional skills, so you achieve your biggest goals and dreams faster and easier than ever before.

If you’ve read books, attended seminars and gained lots of great information and still haven't reached your life’s biggest goals and dreams, this book will help you shatter the mental or emotional constraints that have held you back from living the life you imagine and want.

If you have a job you want to leave or a business you want to start or grow, this book will help you break free and do what will give you the greatest purpose and meaning in your life.

If you want to get healthier, happier and more focused and aligned with your greatest strengths and passion, this book will ignite the genius within you and help you rise to the heights of your grandest goals and dreams.

If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking and feeling that you are not smart enough, good enough or worthy of success, this book will help you release those debilitating thoughts and emotions.

If you’ve ever been afraid of failing or disappointing yourself or loved ones or you’ve been worried that if you try your best, you might be embarrassed, ashamed or ridiculed, this book will give you the tools to train your brain and feel the most empowered, confident and certain you have ever felt in your abilities and self.

INNERCISE TM will help you understand how to master your inner game, so your outer game and results align with the internal vision you have for your life and family.