The Power of Having a Vision

How Quantum Physics, Your Brain, and Your Heart Manifest Your Vision and Goals

For many years I heard that you had to start with a vision for your business or your life if you really wanted to succeed, but no one could explain to me why it was needed or how it worked from a practical or scientific standpoint.

When I was young and naïve, I was skeptical and wanted empirical evidence showing me why I should invest my thoughts and time into really thinking about a vision for my life and business, and why getting absolutely clear by writing it down was imperative to my achieving success.

Even though I couldn’t find adequate answers at the time, reluctantly, I did as others suggested purely because they were far more successful than I. As I was told “don’t ask so many questions” and “just do it,” I temporarily gave up my need for so many answers—but not for long.

At the ripe young age of 21, I created a grand vision for my life and my career. Even though I had only graduated from high school, and everyone told me that “you need a college degree to really succeed,” I took a different approach and got into business at a very young age.

For the next 26 years, I stayed on a healthy mental diet to train my brain, and followed the belief of allowing the universe to guide me and bring me whatever I needed to fulfill my visions of being financially free and living an extraordinary life.

After building four multi-million dollar businesses—one of which grosses more than $5 billion a year in sales—and having made millions of dollars for myself and others, I began to search for the answers to the question I’d had 25 years earlier—“Why is having a clear and precise vision so important?”

I couldn’t help wanting to know why. As a child I was very curious and my parents could not answer many of the questions I had about success. After all, they only had a total of 5 years of school between them and had never made more than $30 thousand in a year.

Since I wanted more for myself, I sought out the best minds, researchers, and teachers in the world to teach me how to have an abundant life in all areas.

So, what did I learn that you can apply immediately and benefit from my lessons?

Simple: Without a clear and precise vision of exactly what it is you want, you’ll never reach it or have it.

Now of course I will not leave you hanging without understanding why.

My research has taken me into the world of quantum physics and neuroscience for the answer to the question “why is it so important to start with a vision?”

Let’s start with the world of quantum physics. First and foremost, quantum physics is the study of how the very small world, one we cannot see with our eyes, operates. Since we live in two worlds—one that we can see—and one that we cannot, it’s important for us to know what these two worlds offer us. Scientifically we now know that even though we cannot see any connection, both worlds are totally interconnected at every level.

Newtonian physics helps us understand how to navigate the known physical world, and quantum physics helps us to understand the very intelligent non-physical world in which everything is connected to everything else, and from which and all known physical “things” are manifested.

What we’ve discovered in this new realm of quantum research is that whatever we focus on and emotionalize often, is what we will attract and actually see in the quantum field of all possibilities, or better yet, probabilities.

As weird as this may sound, this is now being proven without a shadow of a doubt. What this means is that the more clearly focused we are on exactly what we want, the easier and faster we’ll manifest everything we need to make it a physical reality.

Since all material things move from the non-physical to the physical reality, our vision and goals are paramount in the process of achievement. Our vision and focus acts like a magnet that attracts and connects the pieces together.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the universe operates by natural laws, exact precision, and perfect order. Our vision, then, must also be precise and exact in our mind in order for whatever we need to be attracted and shown to us by the intelligent forces that govern all of creation. When we focus our brain on what we want, we actually increase the amplitude of the cellular vibration and cause the “attraction” factor to really take shape.

Just like a magnifying glass can focus the sun’s rays and create a fire, focusing on our vision and goals keeps you in the right vibration and attraction field.

When we choose a vision or goal that is bigger than our current reality, we are in essence creating a gap or a vacuum between what we want and where we currently are. We know from natural law that nature fills a void or gap in the fastest and most efficient ways possible.

Now for the “brain and heart” part of the equation.

The latest research proves that when we’re fully engaged and emotionalized in our clear vision, we emit a frequency from our brain and heart that penetrates and permeates all space and time, and brings forth to us everything that’s in resonance with the image we’re holding.

The frequency we emit is our personal electromagnetic frequency. Just like a radio station that sends out a signal, we send ours out based on our dominating thoughts at a conscious and subconscious level.

Just imagine the way an apple seed attracts the nutrients it needs from the soil to grow its roots, and then once it sprouts above the ground the sun adds its magic and food through photosynthesis. Then, low and behold… the seed becomes an apple tree.

You too, will attract exactly what you need to realize your dreams when you really start to believe and feel your vision becoming a reality. It’s the clear and consistent vibration of your vision that brings forth your needs. You provide the seed, the universe provides the resources.

Therefore, you must now make your “new vision” inside your brain more real than the current results in your outside world. Then, and only then, will the universe begin to present its riches to you in the most convenient and efficient ways possible.

Your clear vision is your seed. Choose it wisely and precisely, and riches beyond your imagination in every area of your life shall be yours.


How do you talk to yourself?

I have been doing quite a bit of research on the power of our “self-talk” and the amount of negative stuff that goes on in one’s mind is staggering.

It actually isn’t surprising when over 90 percent of what is on television and all around us points to negative news or lack.

We’re actually trained to look for what’s bad or what can hurt us before we are ever trained on seeing what’s good or possible.

We are wired to “see” negative all around us and it’s time to stop. The results are devastating and ruining many people’s lives.

I find people will fall into one of four categories:

  • Negative Self-Talk
  • Neutral Self-Talk
  • Positive Self-Talk
  • Enlightened Self-Talk

To understand their true power, look at the language that goes with each category.

Negative Self-Talk

I am not good enough
I am not smart enough
I am not young or old enough
I am not the right color
I am not this or that; you can fill in your own blanks here
I can’t do this or that because…

And then we make up a story to justify the reason. For the most part these are lies!

The Result: A life of lack and limitation backed by doubts, fears and pain. Negative self-image.

Neutral Self-Talk

I should get busier
I should get a better job
I should find a better partner
I should lose weight
I should stop procrastinating
I should…

These people are living on the negative side of comfort and will remain that way until the pain of mediocrity gets to them.

The Result: A very average life that feels it is being wasted. Possibly comfortable, but not totally engaged and pretty average. Average self-image.

Positive Self-Talk

I can or will do that
I am smart enough
I am good enough
I can or will learn that
I can and will change
I can and will overcome this
I can and will adapt to…
I can and I will find out how to…

The Result: A life that feels worthwhile and capable. Usually high self-worth and positively comfortable. Life is very enjoyable here.

Let me suggest that there is yet another breed of Self-Talk is emerging and it’s called:

Enlightened Self-Talk

GOD loves everyone, including me
GOD is in everyone, including me
Love is for everyone, including me
Peace is for everyone, including me
Happiness is for everyone, including me
Abundance is for everyone, including me
Health is for everyone, including me
Joy is for everyone, including me
Fun is for everyone, including me
Smiles are in everyone, including me
Faith is in everyone, ESPECIALLY ME

The Result: An entire society of individuals that respect themselves and each other which leads to highly productive people living their life the way our creator intended them to live-with total abundance and joy.

Please choose to live in an enlightened world with our fellow citizens and me.



Stop the fight

Have you ever wondered why you have the desire to want more in and of your life?

Every one of us has the desire to grow and expand beyond our current condition and that is perfectly normal.

I’d like to suggest that the reason you want to grow and expand is because that is what your spiritual side wants.

You and I are spiritual in nature and we happen to have a body and a brain.

Spirit always wants fuller and limitless expression because Spirit knows no boundary except the ones we mortal humans place on ourselves.

There is a constant fight that goes on between the body, wanting comfort and homeostasis, and our spiritual side, which is limitless and endless.

The reason we desire and seek greatness in our life is because we are capable of it.

The higher side of our being wants to express itself through you and me and it’s our responsibility to accept the dreams, goals and passion that stir our hearts and souls.

It is spirit wanting to create and manifest on the physical plane. You and I could not have the thoughts and desires we have without the ability to fulfill them.

Our spirit uses our body to accomplish things here on earth. It is our destiny to be, have, create and become all that we desire.

Take this moment to reconnect with everything you want to do, everything you want to be, everything you want to contribute and know that all you have to do is choose and spirit moves immediately to help you accomplish whatever you desire.

Waste not your life in silent desperation to have more. Expect more and ask for more, go for more and please…… don’t forget to give more.


Beware of Psychic Vampires

I am often asked how I stay happy and motivated all the time. The answer has two parts to it; positivity and self-talk.

Many years ago I had a colleague who was forever complaining about everything and everyone in her life. Each day when she arrived at the office, it would start, “you wouldn’t believe this…can you imagine he did that…this will never work, I’m so tired…” and so on. This would go on all day and it would drive everyone in the office nuts!

She was what I like to refer to as a “Psychic Vampire”, someone who tries to steal away your great thoughts and energy. Her negative energy would wear you down if you allowed it to penetrate you. The negative ideas that she came up with on a constant basis really affected some of the employees.


I have made it my absolute law that I do not allow any negative people anywhere near me. I only surround myself with people who are positively charged both mentally and physically. The exchange between us is vibrant and energizing, not depleting.

We are all just made up of energy, and we release and take on energy with every breath and thought. We must be very careful with whom we associate with and with whom we allow into our energy zone.


The other very important distinction is being aware of my own “self talk”.

The chatter in my own mind is even more important than what others say. Keep your thoughts positive. If you find yourself caught up in negative self-talk stop at once and change your internal chatter. You must be aware of the times you aren’t saying or thinking nice thoughts about yourself. You are listening and conditioning your hidden self-image whether or not you are aware of it.

If I ever catch myself talking negatively to myself I immediately change “mental tracks” and say something positive to myself. If something comes up over and over again, I know there’s a deeper challenge I must address. I then go to work on reconditioning my mind with affirmations that are opposite to the negative mental chatter.

For the next seven days become very aware of the people around you, and do not allow any negative energy around you.

Also, be in tune with the mental chatter that goes on in your own head. Stop any negative dialogue that you catch yourself having, and replace it immediately with something positive!