Dr. Srini Pillay From Harvard – How and Why Your Fears Are Holding You Back

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Stop Wasting My Time… Please!

I know you think that I am referring to YOU wasting my time but what I really mean is this.

We all do things everyday that are totally a waste of our time and even though we know it… we still do it.

We say things to ourselves like “it’s only going to take a short while”, “I’ll get right back to what I was doing” or “this is more fun for now, I’ll get to it later”.

Have you ever caught yourself in this inner dialogue and behavior? What I want you to do is ask yourself this question right now…

What 1-2 things do I do daily that are really time wasters?


What I have found is that when you make a decision to just stop one of those time wasters and use that time for something that is highly impactful, you get a double reward.

The first reward is having the discipline to choose what to stop- the second reward is using that time towards something more meaningful and productive.

Make a decision today to stop just one. Do this for several days and you’ll see a real improvement in your productivity.

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Video: Stop Letting Distractions Slow You Down

Hi Friends,

Today there is so much technology that has been created to make our lives easier. But sometimes this improved communication creates distractions that make it harder to get things done and to focus. I find myself falling into this trap like everybody else! Click below to watch my video blog on how to Stop Letting Distractions Slow You Down.


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Why are you stuck?

Look at this incredible statistic:

According to Dr. Edward Miller, Dean of John’s Hopkins’s University,

Nine out of ten people who have gone thru heart bypass surgery do not change their behaviors or lifestyles after surgery knowing they face death as a result of not changing!

It’s sad but true. There is also a way to stop this.

  • Is there something in your life you are trying to change or stop?
  • Do you want to make more money but don’t?
  • Do you want to have better health but can’t change your eating and excerise habits?
  • Do you want to eliminate low self-image?
  • Get your employees or yourself to adopt new behaviors, but you can’t?

Read on to find out why this happens.

For over 20 years I have been studying why some people are able to achieve the success they want in life while others struggle daily as if fighting for the air they breathe.

The research that keeps coming back over and over again points to the human brain.

You are currently wired to experience and achieve exactly what your current results are showing you. Please don’t get me wrong, you are capable of much more, and that is why you are frustrated.

The way we are raised and taught when we are young will determine our results as an adult. If you are not happy with certain results in your life right now, you must change from the inside out.

Using will power and persistence is a temporary act that fizzles out very quickly, as you already know.

Your brain controls all your perceptions and behaviors. Unfortunately, its responsibility is to keep you at whatever current result you are getting. Nothing less and nothing more.

Sure, you can trick it to losing weight or making more money, but it will almost always bring you back to your current level of non-conscious expectations and true beliefs. That is its job.

The “Hard-Wiring” in your brain is your current level of programming or conditioning. You may not like it, but it’s the truth.

You can never achieve more in your life without adding new and “better programming”.

It’s like upgrading software on your computer. If you want better performance from your computer, you do something to the inside, not the outside.

Here’s the good news:

Using the latest in brain research and physics we now have brand new ways to get “inside” your head to help you make the mental shifts you must make first, in order to see the changes in your life on the outside.

People have been using the wrong tools for making change and that is why it is so frustrating. With the advancements we’ve made in science, many more people will be able to make more money and finally live the lives they dream of, in total health and balance.

It takes about 15 minutes a day to rewire the neural circuits of the brain and the results are amazing. Read below to see what Forensic Psychiatrist Dr Louis Cady has to say:

(I have hundreds of testimonials just like this)

“It was like I had been driving around in a Pinto and John gave me a Lamborghini. After more than a decade in private practice, this workshop finally provided the ‘missing link’ for me to effect much faster change in my patients—and myself!”

Louis B. Cady, MD – Child and Adult Forensic Psychiatrist, speaker, writer and consultant

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Avoid failure: Take the first step

I’ve often been asked, “What do you think is the biggest contributing factor to failure?”

I can easily answer that question with one word… inaction.

To succeed, you have to do something, something that will move you toward what you want. When you’re not moving toward what you want, you’re suffering in what you don’t want. It’s like quicksand, and you get stuck there. It paralyzes you, so that just taking the first step seems unachievable.

But the first step is better than the quicksand because it’s one step closer to where you want to be and what you want to be doing. And that inaction is what kills more businesses and relationships than anything else.

Avoid failure… take action!


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