Do you know “How to” Meditate?

Meditation is one of the best ways to help you achieve mastering the universal laws of attraction so you bring more abundance into your life. However, sometimes it doesn’t always seem that simple. For example, asking someone, “how do you meditate?” is like asking someone “how do you get to Carnegie Hall?”

There are many, many different ways to achieve the same purpose — all of which become easier with practice. Here I will briefly discuss some of the most common meditation techniques you can use to attract abundance, stop procrastinating, etc. Try them all and figure out what works best for you.

How to Meditate
Learning How To Meditate

If you really want to benefit as much as possible from the self help healing that meditation can bring into your life, there are a few things to keep in mind. The most important element of any meditation style is breathing. You will breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose, hold it for just an instant at the pinnacle, then as slowly as possible release the breath out your mouth, compressing your stomach down to push the air out of your chest cavity.

Another key element to any type of meditation is focus – similar to the overall focus we must achieve to utilize the universal law of attraction in our lives. Naturally our minds only hold thoughts for a second or two and then they move on, which of course means we are easily distracted. Meditation is only effective when we can provide our own self help and block out our mental fluttering. This is definitely a learned skill that gets easier with practice.

A few more meditation tips I can pass along are to make it a routine. Set aside a certain time each day to meditate, like before or after reviewing your vision boards. Stop procrastinating and put it on your schedule if you have to. Have a quiet, comfortable place to sit. Remove any distractions from the area (such as silencing your cell phone and putting your dog in the backyard). Sometimes it’s nice to have a CD playing with relaxing music or nature sounds. This can trigger to your brain that it’s time to get in meditation mode.

As far as specific meditation techniques, I recommend these four: the stillness, the flow, the centering, and the void.

Let me quickly explain the techniques:

THE STILLNESS: This popular technique involves focusing your vision on a single point until you get the infamous blank stare (or if your eyes are closed, a sort of internal space out). You might stare at a spot on a wall, a candle flame, or a religious or spiritual object. You can also focus on something auditory like chanting or a bell chime.

THE FLOW: This meditation technique is very much like the one listed above except that you will focus on an object in motion—such as a water fall, your own breathing, or something auditory like drumming.

THE CENTERING: This technique takes many different forms but ultimately aims to heighten your awareness of your place in the world. Centering meditation can be either outer (real) or inner (imagined) but the intent is to anchor your perspective in the center of a vivid image in which even the smallest detail is noted. With this technique, you will get into your meditation space then allow yourself to let in an outside noise or thought. This can be a great technique for beginners because of this (if you find it hard to quiet your mind and concentrate). By responding to “distractions” by absorbing yourself in them and therefore dismantling them, you take their power away.

THE VOID: This technique is sort of the antithesis of the three listed above. Like the name suggests, here you will think about nothing. You will have no focal point. You could think of focusing on “the blankness” or “the stillness,” but nevertheless the void meditation is about the complete absence of any internal or external focus. It can be quite challenging but very rewarding and relaxing.

Good luck with whichever technique you decide to practice!
John Assaraf

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