Give Life to Your Dream Business

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” —James Allen

LightTo create your successful business, you need to start with the part nobody else sees, the hidden part of your iceberg—your vision. The seed of your business is the vision. People tend to be focused on the how, thinking that is where the answer lies, but it’s not. Yes, eventually you need to learn all sorts of “hows” crucial to the success of your business. But the real key to building your dream business lies in the clarity and strength of the idea—the seed.

That is why “more capital” is rarely the answer to business start-up challenges. People often believe that lack of funding is one of a new business’s major problems. It’s not. In the same way that air, water and sunlight are not hard to find, financing is not all that hard to find—if you have a compelling and clearly viable idea and strategic plan for growth.

The world around you is absolutely flooded with money, ready to flow toward you and nourish your sprouting business. Just when we think resources are dwindling, we find new resources that can achieve the same things.

Develop your vision.

The way the right note, sung clearly and loudly enough, can cause a tuning fork to vibrate and even shatter glass, is the same way the right thought, held clearly and strongly enough, can cause events in the physical world to happen. A single thought, held clearly and firmly can defeat an empire, as Gandhi demonstrated. And the right thoughts—held clearly and resolutely can build your dream business.


Create the seed of your business with great precision and clarity. This is the groundwork for every successful business that has ever been and ever will be. A vaguely formed, ambiguous seed will never sprout or take route. For a seed to flourish, it must be viable.

o   Write down the vision of your idea with specifics.

o   Make sure your vision is clear and strong.

o Figuring out the “how” comes after the vision and the decision. The How will always come after the What, when your Why is big enough.


Be patient.

Nature takes time to work, and so will the seed of your business. It’s called the Law of Gestation. A carrot seed takes about 70 days from the time you plant it until the time you have a fully grown carrot, ready for the eating. A lamb has a gestation period of 145 days. Human beings? About 280 days.

How long will it take the world to wrap you in the right set of circumstances for your business? I don’t know. But it will take some time. And I know this: If you keep digging up those seeds after you’ve planted them, you’ll stop the process cold. Gardens don’t work that way and neither does the picture of your dream business. You have to allow an idea the time to germinate and grow, to take root and find its resources in its own time. Let go of impatience.


Start putting your trust in your own resourcefulness and in the universe around you. The universe is ready to give you everything you want, once you are clear on what it is and patient enough to let it do its work.


Nothing is limited—not resources or anything else. You can only limit yourself in your mind.

The Answer for you: Your need the clarity and focus of a magnifying glass to create your dream business.

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