How Can Affirmations Transform Your Life?

Affirmations are so simple and yet so effective, especially when it comes to the law of attraction. An affirmation is a statement, often repeated in our heads. That’s it. There isn’t much concentration or focus required. The affirmation’s power, however, lies in its ability to re-shape our thinking and perspective drastically and quickly, similar to what happens when you learn how to visualize.

Here are 4 ways affirmations can help you:

1. Affirmations quiet our ego’s mental chatter

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to many of the difficulties and complexities we face is mental chatter. It is this constant stream of thinking and ideas that distracts us from being able to focus on what we want, whether it’s stillness and serenity or a specific goal. Mental chatter is the voice in the head that screams, “I can’t do it! I can’t do it!” or “I’m ugly. I’m fat.” Affirmations soothe this wailing like brain entrainment for adults and like a pacifier for a baby. In moments of fear, panic, or anxiety, repeating to yourself, “I can do this! I can do this!” or, “I am beautiful. I am attractive,” is incredibly powerful at helping you do an emotional 180. It doesn’t take constant coaching and mentoring; all the power to change is right inside you waiting to be utilized.

2. Affirmations can begin to transform our thinking instantaneously

When we focus on “I can do this,” instead of nerves and jitters, we have immediately taken control of our lives and ourselves. When we are in control, we immediately feel at ease. Sigh! When we feel powerless, our fears and worries tend to spiral out of control. Instead of focusing on the fear and bringing more of that into our reality based on the law of attraction, saying affirmations gives us a new focus. It is the same concept as women doing deep breathing when they are giving birth — it gives them something else to focus on rather than the physical pain they are feeling.  A slight change in focus can and does make a world of difference. This tiny little mental trick is a powerful one like knowing how to visualize is.

3. Affirmations put us in the driver’s seat

Affirmations can transform our lives (no need for constant coaching and mentoring anymore for you) by giving us a sense of power and control. Often it doesn’t take much to remind us of how powerful we are. Simply saying, “I am calm. I am cool. I am collected,” before a job interview can take us from nervous to confident in no time.

4. Affirmations can be effective when change is most difficult

True change comes in this manner: first our thoughts, then our words, then our deeds. First we get an idea like, “I’m tired of being overweight.” This gains momentum and turns into saying things like, “I am going to go to the gym 3 times this week.”

What follows? Three trips to the gym.

The problem arises when our thoughts still want to be couch potatoes. Stating affirmations like, “I go regularly to the gym. I exercise. I workout,” can shape our reluctant thinking. When change seems hardest, that is a sign that one needs to be using affirmations constantly to help change their lagging thinking. As you know, if you hear something often enough, you will start to believe it.


John Assaraf

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