How do you talk to yourself?

I have been doing quite a bit of research on the power of our “self-talk” and the amount of negative stuff that goes on in one’s mind is staggering.

It actually isn’t surprising when over 90 percent of what is on television and all around us points to negative news or lack.

We’re actually trained to look for what’s bad or what can hurt us before we are ever trained on seeing what’s good or possible.

We are wired to “see” negative all around us and it’s time to stop. The results are devastating and ruining many people’s lives.

I find people will fall into one of four categories:

  • Negative Self-Talk
  • Neutral Self-Talk
  • Positive Self-Talk
  • Enlightened Self-Talk

To understand their true power, look at the language that goes with each category.

Negative Self-Talk

I am not good enough
I am not smart enough
I am not young or old enough
I am not the right color
I am not this or that; you can fill in your own blanks here
I can’t do this or that because…

And then we make up a story to justify the reason. For the most part these are lies!

The Result: A life of lack and limitation backed by doubts, fears and pain. Negative self-image.

Neutral Self-Talk

I should get busier
I should get a better job
I should find a better partner
I should lose weight
I should stop procrastinating
I should…

These people are living on the negative side of comfort and will remain that way until the pain of mediocrity gets to them.

The Result: A very average life that feels it is being wasted. Possibly comfortable, but not totally engaged and pretty average. Average self-image.

Positive Self-Talk

I can or will do that
I am smart enough
I am good enough
I can or will learn that
I can and will change
I can and will overcome this
I can and will adapt to…
I can and I will find out how to…

The Result: A life that feels worthwhile and capable. Usually high self-worth and positively comfortable. Life is very enjoyable here.

Let me suggest that there is yet another breed of Self-Talk is emerging and it’s called:

Enlightened Self-Talk

GOD loves everyone, including me
GOD is in everyone, including me
Love is for everyone, including me
Peace is for everyone, including me
Happiness is for everyone, including me
Abundance is for everyone, including me
Health is for everyone, including me
Joy is for everyone, including me
Fun is for everyone, including me
Smiles are in everyone, including me
Faith is in everyone, ESPECIALLY ME

The Result: An entire society of individuals that respect themselves and each other which leads to highly productive people living their life the way our creator intended them to live-with total abundance and joy.

Please choose to live in an enlightened world with our fellow citizens and me.



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