Is the Las Vegas Syndrome hurting you?

One night I was channel surfing looking for something intelligent to watch on TV.

After several full rotations and Maria begging me to stop, I decided to stop at a station airing a Vegas poker tournament.

I know what you are thinking, however, on the TV screen I watched the commentators discuss whose odds were better than whose and why. Their in-depth analysis was amazing, especially since I didn’t realize how much you really needed to understand about the game if you were a serious player.

I was fascinated that even though 5 players were in the game, the announcers knew who had the best chance of winning after each card was dealt. They knew by the exact percentage point what the odds were of winning.

The cards dealt were totally random, yet each card altered the game by only one of two ways.

The first was obvious and could easily be seen because they showed them to you and discussed them to help you understand what was going on.

The second card however, was totally up to the players. Once they understood the cards on the table they could do whatever they wanted. They could do nothing and wait, they could up the ante, they could bluff, etc.

In any case, the player with the best hand who understood when to bet, when to bluff and how to calculate the odds usually did the best. This should not be a surprise.

What this made me think of is why do so many people go to Vegas unprepared in understanding the real odds of winning if they really want to win?

I think most people would like to win but expect to lose. If they really wanted to win, wouldn’t they become more talented and educated? I know I had a wake-up call because I have lost tens of thousands of dollars at the tables and each time my excuse was “I’m just having fun” or “How do you think they build these places”. I was justifying why I was losing even before I got to the tables!

The point I’m trying to make is this… what is your REAL attitude about making more money, having better health or having a better relationship?

Do you really want to do better to but never expect to?

It’s a question worth asking and worth pondering because it’s the truth. A lot of people hope and pray but never really believe that they can.

Please accept this post as my way of suggesting that you and I should hope and pray and expect to achieve everything we want.

Let’s not ask “if I can”, instead let’s start to ask “how I can”.

Create a magical life because you deserve it!


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