Steering Through Uncharted Waters

Long ago I read about a study on goal setting. This study revealed that the number one reason most people do NOT write down their goals is for fear of not achieving them.

The best acronym I’ve ever heard for fear is:

(F)alse (E)motions (A)ppearing (R)eal

Never let fear take you off course before you’ve even left the harbor!

It’s very easy—and normal—for a captain to get scared when entering uncharted waters. But this is your life—your ship—and if you want to get to your destination, you must sail on.

I use this analogy for some of my business coaching and of course it applies to every day life as well: when we get caught in life’s storm, fear begins to set in if we do not know how to handle the inclement weather. Great captains learn to chart their course and prepare as best as they can for the storms. They learn to use the wind to fill their sails, not destroy them.

You can learn to be a great captain of and for yourself. It will take more than a certified life coach to help get you there; it will take your time and your effort. Yet, honestly, it is no more time and/or effort than living a mediocre life. It’s up to you.

For you to make headway in your journey, you must be totally honest about where you are today. It serves no purpose to lie to yourself about where you currently are. You must understand that where you are now is only the result of past thinking and planning (or lack of either or both).

Give it some deep thought. This will helps you assess your physical, mental, and spiritual health to reach greatness in living the life of your dreams.

You can achieve new results if they are carefully thought through and monitored so your outcome is consistent with your desires and dreams. So what are you waiting for—anchors away! Time to allow the law of attraction to work for you!

Love It or Hate It

Have you ever noticed how there are about as many reactions to an experience on a roller coaster as there are people? One loves it and another is petrified. One is yelling “Woohoo!” and the other is screaming “Oh, no!” One could end up with a belief that roller coasters are scary, while the other person could end up with a belief that roller coasters are exhilarating. Or maybe they brought those beliefs to the ride in the first place.

Different people form opposite beliefs about the same experience all the time. Which beliefs are true? Neither. Or both. The real question to ask yourself is, “Which beliefs will get me where I want to go in life?” Luckily for you, you get to choose for yourself.

When my son Keenan was seven, we were invited to go paragliding in San Diego. I called his mom and left her a message inviting her to join us at the glider port, when we would jump off a cliff harnessed to an instructor.

Can you tell that I’m a more adventurous parent?

His mom came to watch and almost fainted as our son ran off the cliff harnessed to the instructor, the ocean five hundred feet below. It was the first time paragliding for both my son and me, so I didn’t know what to expect and was a little scared myself.

Keenan’s initial belief was, “Wow! This will be so much fun!” After the experience, his positive belief and perception about heights and paragliding were forever ingrained in his mind. His mom’s first thought was that this would be dangerous, but her negative belief was so rattled by our experience that since then she has expressed a slight desire to try it herself sometime.

Some of our beliefs are formed instantly, such as when a significant emotional experience occurs, while others are formed over time, after several experiences. What’s important to remember is that beliefs aren’t good or bad; they just are. As you already know, you must understand and evaluate the beliefs you have to determine whether or not they’re serving you and helping you create the life you really want.

Lets continue to create that life of your dreams—by starting with the beliefs that will serve you! You can discover more about how to do this with my FREE guide below.

The Power of Your Intentions

Hi Friends,

How powerful are your intentions? Well, according to some of the latest research they are very powerful and can have a significant effect on your life and results when you learn the right process for setting your intentions and connecting with the infinite intelligence that governs all of life.

We are finding scientific evidence beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are in fact creating our own reality and results, and the whole process begins with your conscious and unconscious thoughts.

For years I have been studying and applying the best that science has to offer us and here is a great way for you to apply some of what I have learned to manifest whatever you desire.

Upon waking from sleep, sit quietly with your eyes closed. First begin with a few deep breaths to get centered by inhaling in through your nose and exhaling through your nose 5-10 times. As you do this, release all tension and thought as you relax into an alpha brain wave frequency. The alpha frequency is a lower-frequency brain wave to send your intentions into the quantum field of all possibilities. When we are in an awakened state, we are mostly in a faster brain wave frequency called beta. Beta frequencies are conducive to day to day activities and work but are not the most conducive to manifesting your intentions.

Think of your brain as a radio that can receive and send out signals. When you enter an alpha frequency you are “switching” stations from receiving to sending mode when you focus on a very clear intention. Alpha can also be accessed to receive messages and thoughts from the quantum field, the part of the universe you cannot see with your eyes. If you’ve ever been in the shower and a great idea has popped into your brain, chances are you were in an alpha brain wave state.

Ok, so now that you have the first part down, decide in advance what is your intention. It can be an answer to something you need or a person you want to attract or manifest something like money or a soul mate. Once this choice is made and you are in an alpha state, simply focus on the end result you want and make it as real as possible by imagining that your intention has happened already.

While you are imagining, get totally into the emotional feeling that your intention has already occurred and then let it go. This is the part most people have a hard time with because they want immediate evidence that something is happening. The universe will show you evidence when your belief in the universe’s power matches your intention. In other words, you will see it when you believe it, not the other way around. Believe, and the belief will become your reality.

This is a daily ritual that the best manifestors in the world do everyday and it will change your life.

Here’s to your success. I wish that all your dreams come true!

– John

To find out more about creating your dream life, check out my FREE Guide below.