Positive Self-Talk for Effective New Year’s Resolutions

Hi Friends,

At the start of a brand-new year, we rigorously start setting fresh goals and forming New Year’s resolutions. Do you find yourself reflecting on last year’s resolutions and feeling disappointed that you did not see them through? One of the primary reasons for not achieving goals is negative self-talk.

Self-talk is internal conversation with yourself, like your own personal chatter. In order to be open to beneficial opportunities, and have a positive outlook on life, yourself, and others, you must avoid using negative self-talk.

Here are some examples of self-talk:

Negative Self-Talk

  • I can’t do this
  • I’m not good enough
  • I am too ______ (short, slow, untrained) to ever complete this goal

Positive Self-Talk

  • I am able to do or learn this
  • I am good enough
  • I will figure out how to compensate for ______ to achieve this goal

Make a conscious effort to monitor the way you process information. If you are constantly dwelling on past issues and using negative words to describe yourself, or your goals, you must make a habit of retraining your brain. Self-talk actually sends messages to your subconscious brain to form habits that coincide with what you are thinking.

If you continue to use the same negative self-talk, your subconscious will keep your habits aligned with the familiarity of past (and possibly bad) habits. On the flip side, using positive self-talk aids in reprogramming your brain to start forming goal-oriented habits. You will be on your way to realizing those New Year’s goals before you know it!

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Bombard Your Subconscious

I once heard from someone who I would consider quite an impressive motivational speaker, “if you were a computer programmer and the program you created did not work like you wanted it to, what would you do? You would rewrite it, correct?”

Well, your own “programs” should be and really are no different. Through visualizations and a better understanding of what is the law of attraction, you have already identified the areas you need to change and created a plan to change them. Now all you need to do is rewrite that program. How? By bombarding your subconscious.

You already know how to implant new beliefs and so you should be integrating at least one new belief right now. What method of “reprogramming” are you currently using?

Do you write your new beliefs down on paper? Do you look at a collage and/or vision boards? Do you listen to a tape? Have you added visualization to your routine, seeing yourself living the life of your dreams? No matter which method you choose, you are bombarding your subconscious with that new belief, and it will have no choice but to give in and accept it as part of its reality.

What’s my personal visualization process?

I used to have a little recorder and I would tape myself saying my new belief and play it over and over. Then I would write out my new belief and read it over and over. And then finally I visualize that I am already there.

Basically, I am going to my computer hardware (my subconscious) and I’m taking out the old disk (belief) and putting in the new disk (belief), and so it replaces the old one. I just keep seeing this over and over again. I visualize that all the programs in my head are disks.

And soon I get to the point where that image is in my head all the time, now it has become a habit. And this is perfect because your subconscious rests as much as your heart or your blood… which is never!

The methods I use change, like visualizations or vision boards, tapes or pen and paper, etc., because I am constantly changing. If I feel a method is not working for me any more, I change it. There are plenty of methods to choose from!

Like a motivational speaker should be able to see when his audience is no longer engaged, so too must you be able to see when your own sub conscious is no longer engaged. When you see that happen, it’s time to change methods.

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To Having It All!