Acquire a Mentor to Reach Your Dreams

A part of the goal-setting process that many people struggle with is creating action plans. One way to conquer this obstacle before it even arises is to get a mentor. I’ve had many–I can’t imagine being as successful as I have been without my mentors guiding me.

Identify Your Role Model

If you’ve always wanted to be a professional juggler, but have no idea of where to start with your action plan, find information about a successful professional juggler or two in your area. They will be your role models. There’s someone who dominates in every field, so you always have access to people who are excelling at something at which you would like to excel. Find out what they do and how they do it, then copy what you need, making it your own by adding your own personal twist or genius to it.

Don’t be afraid to ask–after all, imagine how flattered you would feel if someone asked you to be a mentor (and when you start accomplishing your goals, someone might just do that)!

Asking for a Mentor

Once you’ve identified some role models and selected one whom you would like as a mentor, you ask him or her. It’s that simple. “Would you be willing to mentor me?”

Of course, you should let your mentor know why such a relationship would benefit him or her, as well. Make sure you propose to meet at his or her office, and volunteer your talents in some way, such as aiding with a pet project, so that you are helping in return. If you’ve done enough research on your prospective mentor, you should be able to come up with a creative way to help him or her that also demonstrates your familiarity with their work.

Following is a sample conversation you can alter to suit your own personality.

“I want to accomplish ____________, and I respect the results you’ve produced in your life. Would you be willing to help by meeting with me once a week so I can learn from your achievements? I’d like to make it worth your while by ____________. Does a mentor relationship with me sound like something you’d enjoy?”

Don’t rush this process, and make sure you have a few back-up role models to ask in case your first choice(s) are too busy to help.


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