Everything is relative

There are natural laws working on us every day, affecting our lives in a multitude of ways. Just as you can use your intellectual functions to really propel your life forward, you must learn to use the seven natural laws of the universe to govern you and your mind.

Remember, these natural laws are as precise as gravity. Take a moment to think about who or what created these exact laws.

The Law of Relativity probably sounds familiar to you. If you were asked, “Do you make a lot of money?” what would your answer be? If you compared your salary to Bill Gates’ salary, the answer would be no, but if you compared your income with that of your average third world citizen, the answer would be an emphatic yes. Are you fat or skinny? Are you healthy or unhealthy? Is your home big or small? Until you compare what is in question to something else, you can’t answer the question.

A two-door car may feel small to someone used to riding in limousines, but to someone who has never had a car, it feels great. Your past experiences influence your evaluations. In reality, it’s just a two-door car — not large or small. It just is, but is perceived by different people in different ways. This law can be useful when evaluating a situation or event. Don’t get into trouble thinking someone else has more or can do more than you. Look at things as just “being,” without measuring or judging them, and you’ll prevent feeling like you’re not enough or that you don’t have enough.

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