Tip: Record an audio of your visualization

Hi friends,

As you already know (and have posted comments about), making a recording of yourself talking about your new belief, then listening to that audio twice or more a day can be extremely beneficial. This method of reprogramming is effective for all kinds of beliefs, ranging from health to wealth, from business success to charitable contribution, from relationships to spirituality, from productivity to creativity. Your main time investment will be up front in making the recording, which can be as simple (just your recorded voice) or as elaborate (including music, sound effects, and so on), as short (just five minutes) or as long (half an hour) as you like. After your recording is complete, you can listen to it while driving, as you go to sleep, as your “alarm” to wake you up in the morning. Be creative!

Creating a recording can help you reach your goals. To write the script…

1) Imagine what your life will be like as a result of achieving your goal, and
2) Describe it all in the present tense, as if it’s already happening.

A script to be used for the goal of running a half marathon might start like this:

I love how it feels to run because my body is in such great condition. I can feel my heart working, and my breath is strong and even. My quadriceps and calves are tested but don’t burn out. I am a healthy, vibrant person who respects the body as the amazing vessel it is: home to my soul. I am in the zone and running better than I ever have before. I am getting faster and stronger every day…

As you reprogram yourself and listen to your audio, you can also add other visualization techniques have learned. Top athletes visualize religiously, because they know it unlocks potential at a level that analysis and even physical practice don’t reach. By repeatedly visualizing the outcome you want, you create new cells of recognition in your subconscious. This way, your body gets used to that behavior and then expects it. To use your recording to help you visualize, instead of just listening passively to the recording, close your eyes and picture everything happening exactly as you hear yourself describe it. (Not a good idea while running or driving, but you can do this at other times.) It’s as if you’ve created a “movie” you can play over and over in your mind. Try it!

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Bombard Your Subconscious

I once heard from someone who I would consider quite an impressive motivational speaker, “if you were a computer programmer and the program you created did not work like you wanted it to, what would you do? You would rewrite it, correct?”

Well, your own “programs” should be and really are no different. Through visualizations and a better understanding of what is the law of attraction, you have already identified the areas you need to change and created a plan to change them. Now all you need to do is rewrite that program. How? By bombarding your subconscious.

You already know how to implant new beliefs and so you should be integrating at least one new belief right now. What method of “reprogramming” are you currently using?

Do you write your new beliefs down on paper? Do you look at a collage and/or vision boards? Do you listen to a tape? Have you added visualization to your routine, seeing yourself living the life of your dreams? No matter which method you choose, you are bombarding your subconscious with that new belief, and it will have no choice but to give in and accept it as part of its reality.

What’s my personal visualization process?

I used to have a little recorder and I would tape myself saying my new belief and play it over and over. Then I would write out my new belief and read it over and over. And then finally I visualize that I am already there.

Basically, I am going to my computer hardware (my subconscious) and I’m taking out the old disk (belief) and putting in the new disk (belief), and so it replaces the old one. I just keep seeing this over and over again. I visualize that all the programs in my head are disks.

And soon I get to the point where that image is in my head all the time, now it has become a habit. And this is perfect because your subconscious rests as much as your heart or your blood… which is never!

The methods I use change, like visualizations or vision boards, tapes or pen and paper, etc., because I am constantly changing. If I feel a method is not working for me any more, I change it. There are plenty of methods to choose from!

Like a motivational speaker should be able to see when his audience is no longer engaged, so too must you be able to see when your own sub conscious is no longer engaged. When you see that happen, it’s time to change methods.

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To Having It All!