10 Secrets to Having Your Best Year Ever

We have so much to be grateful for and live in a time where we have the total ability to create our own destiny.

In order to create the life you were meant to live, I am including a great piece written by my dear friend Dr. Ken Druck for your benefit.

10 Secrets to Having Your Best Year Ever
By Dr. Ken Druck

There’s no better time than right now to think about how you’re going to make this year YOUR BEST YEAR EVER. Regardless of how good or bad last year was for you, we all have an equal opportunity to set the table for success and happiness this year. Here are 10 secrets to help make it happen:

1. Think of this year as ALREADY being Your Best Year Ever

An elderly comedian I know starts his show by joking about his age with the line, “When I wake up, it’s already a good day.” This moment/week/month/year is all you and I really have. The past is gone, the future is promised to no one and the present is here for us to live and hopefully enjoy. Making this your best year ever begins with the understanding that the most we can do is to take care of THIS moment, and the next, and the next. When we take care of this moment, the future takes care of itself.

2. Give birth to your “Vision” for the New Year

What do you see as the greatest expression of your life in the coming year? What could happen to make your life more satisfying, or simple, or prosperous, or healthy, or sweet – beyond your wildest dreams? Once you’re clear, write down your “Vision” on a piece of paper and/or bulletin board. Creation often begins with a simple, divinely inspired idea. Cultivate and nourish that idea daily. Now, try to imagine if your vision were to come true for the entire world.

3. Put Your Heart into It

“You gotta have heart,” as the song goes. Without heart, even good ideas rarely thrive. Take a deep (cleansing) breath, place your hand softly over your heart and finish the sentence: “My heart’s deepest desire is __________.” Keep asking and answering that question (alone or with a trusted friend) until it starts becoming clearer and clearer. While you awaken your heart’s desire (for yourself and for the world), allow it to crack your heart wide open. Now let’s gently shift the focus to getting your mind in “game shape.”

4. Get Your Mind in “Game Shape”

Again, take a deep (cleansing) breath, clear your mind and get mentally prepared for a fresh start. It might take a little deep relaxation, lighting a candle, taking a bath and/or listening to a soothing CD. Or try a little vigorous activity, like going for a hike or venting your frustrations and doubts to a trusted friend in order to get your mind ready for what’s to come.

Once your mind is clear, set it to “My Best Year Ever.” Dial in on what that might look like, using your imagination. See yourself feeling completely satisfied, excited about the future and loving what you’re doing. Take a snapshot of this imaginary moment. Allow yourself a glimpse into what is happening in your life that makes you feel satisfied and complete. Once you have a picture of what is going on, you are ready to make a plan.

5. Make a Plan

Masters of good strategy will tell you: “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll get there. And if you don’t know what you want, you’ll get it.” Ask yourself, “If all goes well, what will happen? What do I dream about being and/or achieving? What do I really want in my life? As the desired outcome becomes clearer and clearer, sit down and make a list of “the 25 things I am going to do to accomplish this result.” Read your plan (and a backup plan just in case) to 3 trusted advisors for their feedback.

6. Get Started!

Put your big toe in the pool. Get your hair wet. Immerse yourself in your passionate pursuit without making excuses, justifications, delays and seductive distractions. Action and commitment build confidence and drive a result. Do something every day that brings you closer to what you want. Launch your intention, take action and direct your passion accordingly.

7. Work Diligently and Steadily

Reaching your goal takes as long as it takes, and often longer than you expect. Something almost always goes wrong and something almost always goes right. Count on it! Pace yourself and work diligently with fierce determination each day towards your goal.

8. Stay Flexible

The best-made plans and strategies have “what ifs” built into them. Set your expectations and establish a critical path to your goal with the understanding that life is not fair or orderly. It will take longer than you thought and you will likely need to improvise somewhere along the way. Flexibility will help you shift gears, explore the options and make good decisions.

9. Comparing Apples and Oranges is “Fruitless”

This year is this year. It cannot rival the memories of yesterday or dreams of tomorrow. Let this year unfold with its own special and sacred character. Comparisons fail to recognize the uniqueness and novel opportunities of THIS moment.

10. Show Self-Compassion

Nothing is ever gained by beating yourself up. Learning self-compassion is one of the most significant accomplishments of adult life. When your “best year ever” master plan has a hiccup, as it probably will, making the best of it. Giving yourself unconditional support can result in a healthy attitude of self-compassion and faith.

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