Positive Self-Talk for Effective New Year’s Resolutions

Hi Friends,

At the start of a brand-new year, we rigorously start setting fresh goals and forming New Year’s resolutions. Do you find yourself reflecting on last year’s resolutions and feeling disappointed that you did not see them through? One of the primary reasons for not achieving goals is negative self-talk.

Self-talk is internal conversation with yourself, like your own personal chatter. In order to be open to beneficial opportunities, and have a positive outlook on life, yourself, and others, you must avoid using negative self-talk.

Here are some examples of self-talk:

Negative Self-Talk

  • I can’t do this
  • I’m not good enough
  • I am too ______ (short, slow, untrained) to ever complete this goal

Positive Self-Talk

  • I am able to do or learn this
  • I am good enough
  • I will figure out how to compensate for ______ to achieve this goal

Make a conscious effort to monitor the way you process information. If you are constantly dwelling on past issues and using negative words to describe yourself, or your goals, you must make a habit of retraining your brain. Self-talk actually sends messages to your subconscious brain to form habits that coincide with what you are thinking.

If you continue to use the same negative self-talk, your subconscious will keep your habits aligned with the familiarity of past (and possibly bad) habits. On the flip side, using positive self-talk aids in reprogramming your brain to start forming goal-oriented habits. You will be on your way to realizing those New Year’s goals before you know it!

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