The One Major Key for Achieving Outstanding Results

Sometimes it seems as if people were born without instruction manuals and yet are forever trying to figure out how all the pieces fit together on the fly. But the truth is, 20 years of research in the field of human potential and performance shows the amazing abilities that every person has and how each person taps into them. In fact, one of the greatest discoveries ever is how the subconscious mind gets programmed and how it controls almost everything people do.

I’d first like to explain one simple idea that I know will open your mind to actually understanding your true potential. First and foremost, understand that the intelligence that created you made no errors in his creation. We are pure intelligent energy with amazing capabilities.

For the purpose of this report, I am going to focus on one of the most important pieces of information you will ever read.

Your subconscious mind has three very distinct responsibilities, and the one we will deal with today is called your ‘psycho-cybernetic mechanism.’ This single piece of information can, and will drastically change your life if you totally understand it and use it! Read the entire explanation, and then get ready to see amazing results in your life.


A cybernetic mechanism is simply how a system operates automatically. One such system is our brain and nervous system. This is called a psycho-cybernetic mechanism. Another cybernetic system can be mechanical, such as how your home-heating and air-conditioning system works.

As an example of how a ‘cybernetic’ mechanism works, I want you to think of the thermostat in your home that you have set at 70 degrees. Now, let’s say that someone opens a window in the house and heat comes in. The control center (the brain) of the thermostat picks up a deviation from the ‘set’ program (being 70 degrees) and automatically sends a message through the electrical system to the furnace that the air conditioning should be turned on. This happens in a nanosecond, and the air conditioning kicks in until the temperature reaches the original set program on the thermostat that you or someone else originally set.

Sounds pretty simple right?

Let’s get to the fun part…

As children, we are programmed and conditioned to have beliefs in each area of our life. All of your beliefs about your potential in each and every area of your life were instilled in you by your parents, teachers, caregivers, through the books you read and the experiences you had.

All of our ‘mental programs’ are housed in our subconscious mind and operate automatically just like the ‘set temperature’ in the furnace story.

Our teachers instilled in us the best information they knew and had at the time. Through repetition and study a ‘mental program’ is created in your subconscious mind. The mental programs that each of us have are not good or bad, they just are (some serve us better than others). Once they are embedded in your subconscious mind, they operate automatically exactly like the set temperature on the thermostat.


So, here’s an example of how this marvelous system works in us:

Let’s say that your internal mental image or current self image for your body weight is 195 lbs. This weight is maintained automatically by your subconscious mind. You will eat and do everything that is in exact accordance with that mental image and set program.

Now, one day you consciously decide that you want to lose weight and you go on a diet. You use your will power to eat differently and you may even start to exercise. Sounds good right? It works for a while and then what happens?

The majority of people gain all their weight back within a very short period of time. Some even gain more!

Here’s why…

No different than the thermostat on the wall, your ‘brain’ senses a deviation from the existing self-image or set ‘internal program’ for your weight and does everything it can and must do, to keep you at the weight that is programmed in the subconscious mind.

It is just doing its job, and this all happens just as fast as in the example with the furnace. Your nervous system operates at lightning speeds. Unless you change the image on the inside first, the outside will never reflect the new weight for very long.

Your subconscious is your power source. Most people use their conscious mind to try and lose weight and they are for the most part, just wasting their time.

God created a perfect system, but didn’t give our parents or us the instruction manuals to operate them perfectly. And you can be certain that you and I operate perfectly.


Your body and brain are the most sophisticated pieces of equipment known to man. And it’s your sole responsibility to understand how to use them to maximize their potential. If you don’t because you are lazy or uninterested, you will succumb to settling for much less than you are truly capable of.

It is your job to understand exactly how all of your internal mental and external systems work. You can learn more about how to take charge from my FREE guide below. Not knowing exactly how you really function at every level limits your potential and your results.


Here’s another example…

Let’s say you want to double your financial intake and you do not re-program your subconscious mind. You may have a great month and make a lot more money than in any other month before. As soon as you start to produce better results than you have in the past, your ‘cybernetic’ mechanism will pick up a deviation from the existing financial ‘self-image’ and you will automatically revert back to behaving in total sync with the current internal image you have in your subconscious mind.

You will start to do everything possible to keep consistent with the old self-image without even being aware of it – except, now you are!

If you want to learn how to reset your ‘internal programs’ to achieve greater results than ever before, pick up my book and go through the step-by-step plan I used to reset my own mental programs to achieve amazing results in my own life.

Here’s some more food for thought…

Think of some of the extreme groups in our society that believe in order for them to have peace or go to heaven, everyone else except those who believe their ways, must die. Their beliefs are not ‘wrong,’ their beliefs are just what they have been taught and programmed to believe. Their beliefs are survival mechanisms that have been instilled in them at a subconscious level for centuries.

If you believed, rightly or not, that your survival was on the line…what would you do? What would you teach your children about that ‘perceived’ threat?

Begin to understand that you have unlimited potential and that your ‘old conditioning’ or set programs automatically control the thoughts, behaviors and actions that are in harmony with that belief.

As soon as an idea presents itself that is foreign to your nervous system you automatically begin to rationalize or tell yourself ‘rational-lies’ on why you can’t make more money, share land with someone, get a promotion or lose the weight you want. This happens so fast it requires no thought on your part.

There is an incredible force and intelligent energy at work that we cannot see; yet it is part of us and is everywhere. All we have to do is to learn about all of our true physical and mental abilities and the question of our potential suddenly takes on a new meaning.

You have probably heard that we as humans only use about seven to 10 percent of our potential.

With that in mind, may I suggest that you stop doubting your potential and limits, and start questioning where the doubts and fears that are holding you back came from and then begin to eliminate them!

If you want to learn in detail more about why you do what you do, or more importantly, why you don’t do the things you know you should do, then check out my FREE guide below, and take charge today.


To your having it all!


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