Throw out your New Year’s resolutions

New Years resolutions are a total waste of time for most people. Why? Because they are not backed by the right mental preparation and conditioning.

How many years have you been making resolutions only to find that within two or three weeks you’ve given up?

Relying upon will power, resolve and persistence is absolutely the worst way to achieve your new goals. These things are controlled by your conscious mind, which is responsible for only about 2-4 percent of your day-to-day actions and perceptions.

Due to your habits, you’ve become conditioned to stay at the same weight, income or in the same mediocre relationship. An internal financial or weight “set point” is conditioned deep in your subconscious brain so that you don’t have to think about the day-to-day activities you need to do to maintain it.

If you think about lottery winners, why is it that within two or three years, 86 percent lose all their money? It’s because they are conditioned to be without money. Their do not change their subconscious set point of how much money they should have, therefore they revert to that point.

Once any image, habit or belief is ingrained in your subconscious brain, you automatically seek out situations and behave in ways that resonate with that “internal image.” If you currently don’t like the results you are witnessing with your weight, job, income or relationships, then you must break the old patterns and old conditioning that’s causing them.

Breaking subconscious patterns has been proven by NASA to take at least 30-60 days of brain retraining.

If you do not “re-train” your subconscious brain at the same time you make the decision to lose weight or make more money, for example, you will within very short order return back to your old weight and income patterns and in most cases gain even more weight back– and that’s why, despite the best intentions, the vast majority of New Year’s resolutions are not kept..

There is a “cybernetic trigger” in your brain. It detects any change from your current situation, no matter what is, and it overrides your will power and forces you to behave in accordance with your old habits. Hence, the same results repeat themselves because of the same thought patterns and behavioral patterns. It works exactly like the thermostat in your home that automatically picks up any change in room temperature and then makes corrections to return things to “normal.”

This automatic “trigger” causes you to rationalize why you’re not sticking with your diet or new income plan and basically forces you to revert back to your habits and patterns.

Break the word “rationalize” in two and you get “rational-lies.” The internal self-talk you catch yourself doing is automatic and a result of the system doing its job to keep you at your “comfort zone,” even though it’s not what you want.

Your income or body is only an expression of the internal image you have at a deep-rooted level. If you want to see permanent changes on the outside, you must retrain the mental image on the inside first.

If you truly want to make permanent changes in your life, it takes about 15 minutes a day of mental retraining for 30-60 days. The more you do this, the faster you’ll see results. The good news is that you can’t get a brain hernia if you overdo it.

If you are serious about living the life you want and deserve, why not join the thousands that have already discovered the most advanced system for permanent financial and life success?

If you are interested in your success, you’ll do what’s convenient. If on the other hand you are committed to your success, you’ll do what it takes.



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